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Everything changes on 26th May…

For around 3 years now The Travel Franchise has been the dominant player in the travel franchise sector.
Our growth has been staggering.

In this short period we have come up with some major innovations, such as the first company to offer a money back challenge and our amazing Partners in Travel programme.

It seems that anyone looking to start a Travel Franchise has chosen to join ourselves as we have grown exponentially.

However, its not just our franchisee numbers that have grown.

Travel sales have also gone through the roof.

Our strategic partner, Hays Travel, is the UK’s largest independent travel company with sales this year of £840M. That’s right, nearly £1 Billion.

WE are the fastest growing company in the Independence Group with growth of 102% smashing our nearest competitors.

In fact, the owner, John Hays is attending our half year conference on 26th May to recognise our success and share with our franchisee’s what amazing things will be launched in the coming months.

As well as leading our own buying group we recently won the Homeworker of the Year award with Travel 2 a leading trade supplier. This award is very prestigious as we beat off all comers including our very own buying group.

So I think its fair to say that we are doing things right but on 26th May major enhancements will be taking place.

Our already industry leading website will be put to bed and replaced with a bespoke, state of the art site, packed full of the best deals around.

Because of our success and buying power we are able to negotiate even better deals for our customers and commissions for our Travel Consultants.

and the rest I cannot share yet as its a surprise for the event but it’s fair to say that The Best Just Got Better.

So if you would like to be a part of this success story. If you can see yourself being a successful home based travel consultant then we need to talk.

My home number is 0151 7243534 and if you call I can share with you what I am not able to put in print right now.

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