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Went to visit another BNI Chapter last week to sub for a member there and was sat next to an Explorer travel consultant who was subbing for someone – what are the chances? One of the members was looking for a holiday to Turkey. He asked both me and the Explorer travel consultant to quote on the holiday (they knew exactly where they wanted to go and dates). I got the booking woo hoo. £5000 (£500 commission for 1/2 hour work, can’t be bad). Went to visit PIT customer this week and walked away with 4 enquiries, out of which I’ve had 1 booking so far. Still working on other 3. Then went to my BNI meeting this morning and had an enquiry from a visitor for a golf holiday in May for 8 blokes, a family holiday for June next year with a budget of £6K, and a PIT enquiry from a local company employing 30 staff. BNI is THE best way of getting business and the cheapest. Thank you BNI. xx

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