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Get paid faster with Fast-Pay Commissions

The Travel Franchise pays you faster than any other travel franchise business.

Traditionally when you work within travel, you get paid once the client pays the balance of their holiday. Some companies don’t pay you until your client returns from their travels (all part of the customer protection).

We know that starting a new business and investing in a franchise means that sometimes cash flow can be difficult, especially in the beginning.

That’s why, when you join The Travel Franchise, you will automatically be enrolled in our ‘Fast-Pay Commissions’ programme.

It means, at any point, you can advance your commission and get paid within 30 days.

Better cash flow means less stress, less hassle and more money you can invest back into your business (or more holidays you can take).

Get paid now or get paid later. It’s your choice.

You can advance your commission today and get paid within 30 days on all bookings.

OR you can choose to get paid when the client pays their balance.

Some Travel Consultants prefer this as it means they have money due to them in the future, a bit like a savings plan.

Want more information?
Full details of how the ‘Fast-Pay Commission’ programme works can be found within our Discovery Centre.

Full details available within the Discovery Centre.

All advances of commissions are subject to terms and conditions.

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