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Find out about consultant Janet’s biggest ever booking in five years!

Janet has a target of booking £1.5 million holidays this year and, just seven days into March, she had already sold £125,000 worth of holidays!

One of these was for a big multi-generation booking to Canada, the biggest she’s had in five years! So how did it come about and could you become a successful home based agent like her?

Janet joined in 2019 without any former experience in the travel industry. Like many of our franchisees, her business is a family affair.

Her husband focuses on booking cruises, now her daughter is set to join her too!

Like many of our franchisees, Janet uses social media and networking to find her customers.

“So initially this particular client came to me through social media and through networking, because I am part of a very active BNI (Business Network International) group, who are essentially all over the local social media in terms of recommendations. This referral was off the back of me being recommended so often on Maidenhead Gossip Girls.”

Janet set up an appointment to get to know exactly what sort of holiday the clients wanted and then the work began!

Although she and her daughter, Rebecca, have plenty of knowledge on Canada having travelled extensively in the region, Janet enlisted the help of one of our travel suppliers, Audley.

“I’ve traveled extensively throughout the world in my life visiting around 100 different countries, but there are still places I haven’t been and places I don’t know. No single consultant can know everything about the entire world, but there is support from our suppliers that enables you to get specialist knowledge and tailormake itineraries.”

Janet began working with a lady called Grace who is a specialist in Canada and really knows the country inside out, setting up a three-way zoom call with the clients so they could all discuss the fine details.

“Together we worked on the itinerary which is for a multi-generational group who are traveling to Canada to do an amazing tour through Vancouver Island on a float plane with whale watching.

“Then they’re going to a beautiful grizzly bear lodge in British Columbia where they will do all sorts of amazing activities before going to Whistler to do whitewater rafting and zip lining and to visit an amazing spa in Whistler that I’ve been to as well.”

The booking was finally confirmed when Janet was travelling with her daughter in Turkey!

“The beauty of our businesses is that they are portable, that you can work on them wherever you are. So I was on a weekend away with my daughter in Cappadocia, where you see all the hot air balloons and everything – a beautiful place – and that was when I had a call with them to say that yes, they were going to go ahead.”

Janet and her daughter celebrated with a cocktail. And with Rebecca joining the business, they hope to be raising their glasses a few more times by the end of the year!

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