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Four-fold Rise In Bookings Over The Christmas Period

Majorca, Lapland, and Turkey were just some of the top-selling destinations. With 40% of bookings for summer 2021 and 40% for next winter.

Itchy feet from staying home, some people out there are not afraid to spend more money experiencing the ultimate dream in 2021.

Almost a year of lockdown and restricted travel means some people have had time to dream, plan, and save more for their next big holiday.

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Steve Witt, Co-Founder

“The overall theme is that people are now looking to visit that ultimate bucket list destination in 2021.

This year’s holiday budget has been squirreled away and saved for next year.

Our sales rose by 62% week-on-week following Black Friday, as news of the Pfizer vaccine gave consumer confidence a boost.

Pent-up demand means people are not afraid to spend more money experiencing the ultimate dream.

There is ever-growing consumer demand for travel as people are desperate to go on holiday as soon as possible.

This clearly spilled over on Christmas Day as people booked dream trips, giving themselves some escapism and a brighter year in 2021.”

Steve Witt, Co-Founder (Source: Travel Weekly)

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