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Franchisee Lloydie explains 3 things that will help you get customers as a new travel business owner

In this new video interview, head of training and development Dave Pope catches up with travel consultant Lloydie. Watch it below.

It’s early 2020 and the pandemic is in full swing. No-one can travel anywhere. And people with bookings still need looking after.

This was the nightmare scenario travel agents faced- including Lloydie.

Like the rest of our franchisees, instead of simply giving up, Lloydie stayed active and looked after customers. He also kept doing the core activities he knew worked best for finding new people who’d like to use his services.

Now he’s done over £3,000,000 in sales and shows no signs of slowing down.

In the video below you’ll learn:

  1. How networking with groups such as BNI can create huge returns.
  2. Why our exclusive Partners In Travel program is so valuable.
  3. The other marketing Lloydie does to stand out and get new customers.

You’ll get constantly supported to find customers

When you join, you’ll be taught exactly how to go and find both your first and your hundredth customer. 

Our training runs step-by-step to help you as you grow, with the support of your own Partnership Manager.

Consultant Liam explains that he and wife Lisette needed different help when they started from the type of support they need now.

“When we were beginners, we needed a lot more help with the basics. Someone to hold our hands and take us through each process. And they’re brilliant at doing that. No-one’s looked down on for being a beginner – we’re all here to help each other.”

As you grow your business, you can also attend lots of online and offline training events – like our recent Elite Training Day. We had a great classroom session packed with practical tips and tricks for building up our franchisee’s customer base.

Networking can be fantastic for referrals

In the interview above, Lloydie explains how he’s created over £900,000 in referral sales from his networking group BNI. 

At an average 10%, that’s over £90,000 in commissions created.

Networking groups can be daunting places to go – especially if you’re new. But as Lloydie explains, you shouldn’t worry about attending.

“Be prepared. Get yourself ready. But don’t try to be something you’re not. Just be yourself. Talk to them naturally. Tell them what you do.

Everyone wants a holiday or knows someone who does.

I think one of the best things you can ask is “Who knows someone who goes on holiday?”

Everyone will put their hand up straight away. I say great – you all know the perfect person to refer to me.”

As part of your training, you’ll learn precisely what to say about your business if you decide to attend networking events. 

Partners In Travel can get you in front of thousands of potential customers

Lloydie has used our exclusive Partners In Travel programme to get his business in front of thousands of people he doesn’t know.

Very simply put, Partners In Travel is our exclusive referral programme.

It enables others to make money simply by referring a traveller to you.

A Partner can be anyone who has a group of people or network they know that go away on holiday… which is pretty much everyone.

The idea is that, instead of you having to spend lots of time and effort finding customers 1:1, you can build the relationship with a few Partners, who introduce & market you to their whole network. 

Lloydie’s partners include a large hospice (with over 1,200 staff and volunteers), an ex-travel agent (who’s created over £20,000 in commissions alone) and a taxi driver who always has a stack of Lloydie’s business cards to hand.

The video below explains more about the programme and how it works.

Once you’re established, it’s about staying connected and visible

As we experience travel’s biggest ever rebound, our consultants are continually breaking sales records.

It would be easy to think that it’s just because people want to go on holiday.

The reality is, finding and keeping customers comes down to consistently doing the activities you know work best. Just like Lloydie explains in the interview above.

Lloydie always makes sure to go the extra mile with his customers – even if they haven’t booked recently.

He told Dave that he’s constantly visible in multiple ways, including:

  • Posting on social media and sending emails.
  • Calling customers to catch up.
  • Sending WhatsApp voice note updates to his broadcast group.
  • Sending welcome home letters and packages to people as they arrive back from their holiday.

Lloydie also told Dave how he sends out physical promotions to people.

“I recently went through Vision (our bespoke business system) and found some people without a future booking. I posted them all a KitKat with the message “Is it time for your next break?”

It’s already got me 5 repeat customer enquiries.”

You can get all sorts of marketing help for your business

All our franchises come with built-in marketing support. You’ll get pre-written blog posts, social media templates, customer emails and regular offers to promote.

Plus, you get access to our marketplace, where you can order fully designed clothing, banners, brochures and much more.

Lloydie is a great example of someone with no travel experience who’s made their business a success. It’s all down to the right training and his hard work.

Would you love to be making bookings this summer with your own travel business?

Join this May and get a free place at our annual conference in June. Speak to us today to find out more.

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