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Franchisees booking holidays within one week of training

“I had my first booking confirmation just two hours after completing training!” 

Ava, travel consultant with The Travel Franchise

This is Ava and she is just one of our July graduates whose business is already up and running taking holiday bookings. Thanks to Ava a family of four are jetting off to the US for 11 nights next May.

From a cohort of 20 brand new franchisees who trained with us last month, Ava is not the only one to have got off to a flying start. 

Scott booked not one, but two families on a holiday to Cyprus; John nailed a flight-only booking in his first week and Ashley is well on the way to securing a booking for a family of four to Mauritius, with hot leads for a honeymoon to the Maldives AND a Carribean cruise – potentially racking in over £20k in sales! 

Scott, travel consultant with The Travel Franchise

Not bad for a newbie! Especially when you consider the average commission is around 10 per cent!

Like all our new starters, Ava, who joined on our most popular Elite package, is determined to keep the momentum going and has set her sights on “achieving the Money-Back Challenge where you get your franchise fee refunded if you achieve a certain amount of commission in 12 months.

She’s also keen to get her ‘Silver Pin’ level quickly (we have a career pathway and award ‘pins’ according to the amount of commission you earn). 

Most people aim to get their ‘Platinum Pin’ in the first year which means they earn over £20k in commission and one agent, Ami Wood, achieved it in just one month!

Ami Wood, travel consultant with The Travel Franchise

So what do our new recruits think about our training? Are they confident that five days provides all the tools and knowledge you need to start your business immediately?

“Training was really good, although exhausting with the amount of information we were given,” says Ashley. “However, everything was well balanced and the training team are excellent.”

Taking in so much information in just five days, might seem daunting, but as our newbies will tell you, once training is over, you’re not on your own. 

“The range of support available during and after the training is fantastic,” says Yvonne. It’s particularly reassuring “having a BDM [business development manager] assigned and back-up contact details for all the other departments.”

Kevin agrees: “Knowing there is a BDM at hand to help guide us is a comfort, and gives confidence that we are not by ourselves.” 

Indeed, as integral members of the training team, our BDMs are with you from the very start. “The BDMs are amazingly knowledgeable, patient and helpful,” says Mahmad.

And as Ava reiterates: “the level of experience and knowledge that the training team had collectively meant I felt in very safe hands.” 

And, as an added bonus, you’ll finish the week having made new friends. 

Each training week has about 20 new recruits learning the ropes. Together you’ll learn, help each other and most definitely you’ll create new friendships.

“We will definitely keep in touch,” says Jo. “They aren’t competitors, they are colleagues.”

And just like you, the chances are the other trainees also won’t have travel industry experience: “It’s great to see people from such a variety of backgrounds – the group is brilliant!” enthuses Ashley. 

And as John so beautifully assesses: “We are now all part of the NJT family”.

Want to join? We still have a few training spaces left for autumn, which means you could be earning a substantial sum, and enjoying a new lifestyle, by the new year!

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