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Free online webinars for franchisees

As part of our training and mentoring programme for franchisees we host regular webinars each week. Each webinar is focused on the continued development of each consultant in the field. Our webinars have a variety of categories, ranging from improving consultants’ travel knowledge to developing industry expertise.
Webinars are a fantastic way of sharing knowledge within the community. They also enable consultants to grow quickly and efficiently as business owners.
“Dave’s Weekly Webinar” is a series run by Dave Pope, our Director of Sales & Training. Dave is passionate about supporting franchisees and is able to share his 30 years of business travel experience. This webinar series is one of the many platforms that offers him a way of doing this.
Dave’s Weekly Webinar focuses on sales tips, social media strategies, increasing lead quantity and many more. They are available for consultants at their own leisure, enabling them to catch up if they missed one or watch it live and engage with the video.


This is just one of the many webinars we have available to franchisees. Our dedication to extensive training and mentoring means we are focused on adding new strategies for growth at all times. We aim to continue leading the industry in the support we offer.

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