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Free overseas retreat with your franchise! Find out what franchisees thought of our Millionaire’s Retreat in Cyprus!

Join our Elite travel franchise package and we’ll whisk you away overseas on a free Millionaire’s Retreat – five-days of business training, motivational workshops and a healthy helping of fun and sightseeing. 

This is exactly what happened to 40 of our agents when we flew them to Cyprus in November 2024. 

Having found their feet and learnt the basics, this was a great opportunity for them to step back and step up – to revisit and review their business plans. 

Steve Witt, our company co-founder, was with them for the entire time imparting his entrepreneurial know-how (which, by the way, has recently won him yet another trophy at The Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2023). 

“In the early days of running their business, the whole focus is on understanding the technology and booking systems and getting to grips with the daily operations,” says Steve. 

“It’s easy to get bogged down or overwhelmed. Our Millionaire’s Retreats allow our newer agents to take the next step forward and take their business to the next level. I want to give them a helping hand in thinking bigger, smarter and longer term – to become a real entrepreneur.”  

Fresh from their trip, we catch up with Nicola and Ebonie, who both joined us in August, to see how they got on. 

So what did you think of it? 

Nicola: “I loved it. I got so much out of it. It was a really useful experience and obviously it’s a really great combination of the training sessions, getting to spend time with the other consultants and being able to discuss with everyone all the challenges and all the successes that we’re having. I’ve definitely come home raring to go in terms of the next steps in my business.”

Ebonie: “Being only three months in, I thought it was great to meet people from around the business, including the Not Just Travel team and other travel consultants. I found it very insightful in how I’m going to move my business on. I came away feeling very positive about the future. It’s really motivating hearing other people’s success stories. You want that for yourself.”

What did you think of the training sessions?

Nicola: “They were quite intense, but we’re obviously only there for five days and it went super quick. There were lots of breaks in between and all the training sessions were so varied, so you felt that you were really getting the most out of it.”

Ebonie: “We were given so many tools. I’ve never been a business owner before, so for me I found it really beneficial doing a business plan and setting business goals. Obviously, we don’t have a manager, you’re not employed in this role. So it is good to work out how you will then put all this into practice to get the end result. So that was excellent.”

What is your biggest take home from the Retreat? 

Nicola: “Seeing how successful you can be – if you do put the hard work in. So I’m being a bit more disciplined with myself in terms of expectations and how hard I should be working.”

Ebonie: “I feel more assured about the future. We did some [financial] breakdowns with Steve about how you get to the point of making a million pounds in travel sales – or whatever it is you want to make. You know, when you break it down, it’s actually not that scary at all. The figures are not out of this world that it can’t be done. So that’s been very insightful for me, especially because I’m doing this part-time whilst I’m a mum. Although I’m not full time in the business, I still want to make a great success of this, so I need to see how that’s possible and that was shown to me in figures.”

What changes are you going to put in place?

Nicola: “Time management – being able to plan my days a little bit better and making sure that I do spend time on more of the admin and the building the business side of things rather than focusing all the time on the inquiries. So I’m trying to manage my week a little bit better to do that. NJT head of social media Amy-Louise Weitz was also there, and she did the social media training. Since I’ve come back, I’ve really focused on being more personal in my social media and it’s actually really working in terms of more interaction and people reaching out because they see a person rather than just a post.”

Ebonie: “I’m at that point now, where I need to grow my business beyond my friends and family. I’ve had a great start and I’ve done really well with my friends and family, but now I need to move on because I want my business to be more than that.

Was it fun? 

Nicola: “We had a toga night, when we were all given togas and headdresses – it was great fun doing the Greek dancing. Then we explored Pathos and we did a really nice day trip into the mountains and went to a winery.”

Ebonie: “It was great fun. The hotel put on a lot of very nice dinners. The Cypriot night where we dressed up was great. Everyone took part. They really put on quite a show for us. Being a mum, I don’t ever get any time away – I really enjoyed the time.”

Did you make friends? 

Nicola: “I’ve come back with a lot of friends and we intend to support each other with our businesses. Hopefully I will see them again when we have other events in the future. The really great thing is I didn’t feel like there was any competition whatsoever. Even though I met people that are local to me, we’re all sharing ideas and we all just want each other to succeed. When somebody gets a booking or somebody gets a big inquiry, we’re all really happy for each other.”

Did you see much of Cyprus? 

Nicola: “We went into Paphos and had a fabulous day trip into the mountains and went to a winery. It makes such a difference to experience it and be able to verbalise it to your customers rather than just using images and words.”

Ebonie: “Yes we did. And now I feel like it’s much easier to sell because we’ve seen it and experienced it – it makes us look like we know what we’re talking about a lot more.”

So what’s next? 

Ebonie: “I can’t wait for Peaks (the busiest time of year for travel agents starting on Boxing day and running through to March. Franchisees typically sell four times more holidays in the early months compared to the rest of the year). I want it to happen sooner rather than later. I’ve got my child into nursery in January and February for some more days so I can fully focus. “

Nicola: “It’s definitely got me raring to go now for January and hopefully it’s going to be a very busy time.”

Our Millionaire’s Retreat is just one of the overseas training opportunities you’ll be entitled to when you join us as an Elite franchisee. After that you’ll be invited on a luxurious Elite Experience – 28 agents have just returned from Jamaica. 

And the great news – it’s all FREE. Because we prioritise your training – not only to allow you to become a great travel agent but also a fabulously successful entrepreneur – these trips are all included in your package when you sign up. 

And for those wanting a slice of the highly lucrative cruise market, you can step on board our Cruise Mastery Programme – which saw 130 agents cruise the Med back in October on one of the world’s most sustainable ships, MSC Euribia.

To start your journey with us today, click here to watch our Discovery videos. Or why not register to get our free NJT LIFE magazine which will tell you everything you need to know about what lies ahead when you launch your new business with us. 

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