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Fresh from Mauritius: what our agents thought of their VIP training trip

Fancy joining us on one of our luxurious Elite Experiences? These training retreats are like you’ve never seen before and, even better, they’re on us! Your place on one of our five-day Elite Experiences is included in every Elite package. So it costs our Elite consultants absolutely nothing! 

Recently we flew 30 consultants to the sun-kissed Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, where for five days they were treated like VIPs hosted by Beachcomber Tours, the island’s prestigious hotel and tour company. Not only did they get to see and experience the very best of the island, they also benefited from some invaluable training workshops allowing them to build on their entrepreneurial skills.

Fresh off the plane, we catch up with a handful of our Elite consultants to see what they thought of the whole Experience. 

Let’s hear what they had to say:


“Oh wow, the Elite Experience was an experience of a lifetime. There’s no two ways about that. 

Beachcomber hosted us and showed us around all of their eight resorts so we got a real feel for the product and the island, meaning we can go on and sell it to our customers. 

The hospitality was just incredible. We went to see dolphins, we went quad biking, zip lining. All the food was incredible. It was just absolutely amazing. 

But in addition, the workshops were second to none. Paul [the co-founder of The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel] was there with us sharing his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. 

Paul’s focus and drive to make us into entrepreneurs is so important because so many of the people in the franchise, like me, have never worked for themselves before.

If I’m honest, before going to Mauritius I think I was a little self-limiting about what I thought I could do with my business. But now I genuinely believe that however much I want to get out of this or wherever I want to take it, it’s completely down to me and it’s very, very achievable. So, for me, Mauritius was a real mind shift. 

You cannot question the amount of support that we get from the franchise. It’s absolutely phenomenal and that comes across every time we do these retreats. 

One really important aspect of these training trips is meeting other franchisees because it helps you to understand how you can do things better.

I’ve done the Millionaire’s Retreat to Fuerteventura and now this Elite Experience in Mauritius and I’ve made so many great friends going to both. You form friendships and partnerships that you’ll always have. We’ve got so much in common. How would a group of like -minded people with so many things in common just not get along? We had the best time. It was fantastic.

I fell in love with Mauritius and I desperately want to go back. On our return home Beachcomber has presented us with an incentive whereby if we book as many Beachcomber holidays as we can within so many months we could win a free holiday. So I’ve already persuaded one of my clients who originally wanted to go on a cruise to switch. She is now taking her family to the gorgeous Shandrani Beachcomber Resort & Spa for three weeks and I honestly think this is the best decision she could have made. It’s so suited to her.  

And hopefully I’ve got plenty more Beachcomber booking to make because I really want that free holiday!”


“I love these overseas trips. If I’m honest, they’re one of the reasons why I chose to join The Travel Franchise. The combination of seeing a destination while training at the same time is fantastic.

I’ve been on the company’s Seminars at Sea; I went to the Millionaire’s Retreat to Cyprus last year and I just signed up for the company’s Platinum Conference in September. This Elite Experience to Mauritius did not disappoint. 

The Beachcomber Resorts are fantastic. It’s hard to say which is my favourite. If I had to choose then it would be Paradis Beachcomber Golf Resort and Spa. I had a room there where I could step straight out onto the beach and into the sea. 

And we got to explore too. The whole island is stunning. Our hosts got us doing loads of activities.  I was lucky enough to be able to hike up Le Morne Mountain one of the days. Then there was zip lining and quad biking and a highlight for me was the dolphin spotting boat trip. It was an early start but definitely worth it.

I already knew some of the guys on the trip because I had met them when I attended a Millionaires Retreat in Cyprus last year. So it was great to catch up with them – it was like going away with mates.” 


“The whole Elite Experience was amazing. I had an absolutely unforgettable time. It was great to get out there and go and see the Beachcomber brand for ourselves and it was the first time I’d been to Mauritius – so it was exciting to go somewhere new.

The standard of the Beachcomber service is exceptional. We visited all eight of their resorts on the island. I was really lucky because I got to stay in a three-bed villa that had butler service. 

The rooms were really spacious and I had a beautiful bathroom that had an outside shower area. Plus, I was able to step out of my room straight onto the pool and patio area. The villa had a lovely dining space and a good kitchen and every morning our butler came in to make us breakfast, tidy up and get things ready for our day. It was a real VIP treatment.

Saying that, Beachcomber have accommodation to suit every taste and budget – so we can choose the best one for each client. 

During our stay we got out to explore the island, including experiencing the island’s nightlife and sampling the street food. 

Beachcomber set us a “dodo challenge” where we had to complete a range of tasks across the island. This was a great way for us to really get to see the island and chat to the locals. It was fantastic and loads of fun. 

It was a great opportunity to meet the Beachcomber team face to face and spend time with them. It’ll make doing business with them even easier. And meeting other consultants is really beneficial too. We’ve set up a WhatsApp group so we can keep in touch and continue to share ideas and tips and ask for advice. You certainly learn an awful lot from other travel consultants.

Overall, the Elite Experiences are amazing. There’s so much to gain from them. I highly recommend them.”

Fancy joining us? Sign up as an Elite franchisee today and this is the five-star VIP  training you can look forward to. Take the first step by watching our Discovery Videos to find out how you can start your journey with us. 

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