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From running a successful Scuba Diving resort in Honduras to a successful Travel Business in the UK

A little over 4 years ago, Sarah was running a scuba diving resort in Honduras. After planning a return to the UK and looking for a new business investment she looked into franchising and the various businesses she could invest in.


Why Sarah chose The Travel Franchise

“I spent a lot of time researching various travel opportunities and franchises ahead of moving back to the UK. All my research was having to be done online and via email as there was no opportunity to go and meet anyone. It was the responses I was getting to my never-ending questions and the friendliness of other consultants that made me chose The Travel Franchise, it just felt like the right fit for me.”

After deciding on a franchise package and moving back home, she was invited to Bournemouth for her induction training week.

“It seems a long time ago now! Back then it was a very systems based training week which was vital to learn and went very well. It can all seem very daunting at the time but it’s just a case of practice. Also we had a really nice training group of which many of us are still good friends now.”

The Travel Franchise have invested large sums into improving the training week structure as the company has grown. With the appointment of our new Sales Director and the constant improvement of content, franchisees are given an even better learning experience during the week and in their post-training support. Because of this we are seeing more and more stories of franchisees securing bookings immediately after training.

One of the benefits of becoming a home-based travel consultant is that you can work the business around your other commitments. Having only just returned to the UK, Sarah needed to focus her time on her family.

For a full view of the training and support we offer – read our recent blog.


How the support of the Head Office team helped Sarah grow her business

“Once I left training I had to move house and get my son settled into a new school, so that took priority over getting my business started. I was fully supported by the NJT office team and also from my Personal Travel Coach who was always planning with me even though I wasn’t actively working on the business yet. I didn’t actually make a booking until 6 weeks after training. I still remember it well, it was an ex teacher of mine from when I was at school in Holland. So you really can get bookings from anywhere!”

Throughout Sarah’s time with us she has benefited greatly from the improved training initiatives that have been run. As the time has passed she has been able to build a reputable business and earn a comfortable living for her and her family. She has also been able to take advantage of managing her own time to fit her home life and spend valuable time with her son.

“My business has grown mainly through referrals from both previous customers and also friends and family”

“My business has grown mainly through referrals from both previous customers and also friends and family.  However I started networking when I first started the business and have kept that going. A high proportion of my customers are looking for tailor made/bespoke trips which is what I love doing. It’s something I can really get my teeth into and really deliver a holiday that wows them and has that extra special something. Working part time gives me the freedom to also be a Mum to my 8 year old. He spent the first 4 years of his life in Honduras with childminders and I wanted to be part of his activities and be there for him. Running my own business allows me to do this and share in his passion for football.”

Sarah is a prime example of the opportunities that are available for people looking to take advantage of the amazing benefits of being a home-based travel consultant. Without The Travel Franchise, she is sure this would not have been possible.

“Without the head office support and the admin team I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am now”

“Without the head office support and the admin team I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am now. The time saved by them taking care of all the admin is invaluable. They are also all there for help and advice. We can’t all know everything about everywhere. There are always great training opportunities to increase your knowledge, whether this be business growth, self development or supplier knowledge.”

We are very happy to have assisted Sarah in her business goals. With the continued improvement of Head Office services and increasing growth of her business, we are sure to be congratulating sarah on new milestones in her continuing time with us.

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