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Full time or Part time? A business to suit you

One of the benefits of starting your own business is that you can make your own hours. Being your own boss means creating a working lifestyle that suits your other commitments and enables you to create a healthy balance.

At The Travel Franchise, we welcome a relatively even split of franchisees who begin with us both full time and part time. Because of this, we have created an adaptable training and mentorship programme that suits all lifestyles. All channels of support are handled remotely, meaning consultants have access to our Head Office or their Personal Travel Coach from wherever they may be. Out of hours support also extends the timescales of accessibility well into each evening, for any support needs in the evening and at weekends.

Moving into a role that is purely commission based can be intimidating, which is why we want to encourage consultants to ease slowly into their full time work with us to ensure they maintain a strong financial position during their first few months. After this, we are seeing more and more franchisees able to drop their prior commitments and move full time into becoming Not Just Travel consultants!

Recently, we caught up with 4 new franchisess to see how they were getting on in their business:

Michelle, John, Julie and Chris

Full Time

Julie and Michelle were able to begin with us full time after starting a new chapter of their lives. Julie had been made redundant from her previous job and was able to explore a variety of new employment options. After discovering The Travel Franchise, she invested in an Elite package and since training she has dedicated her primary focus to the franchise. Michelle shares a similar story – she moved back to her hometown and was interested in developing a working lifestyle that suited her needs and was a change from the monotiny of previous jobs.

Part Time

John and Chris both joined us with other jobs. John was a car salesman and was looking to earn extra income around this. He was so impressed by our onboarding process and training week that he went into work the Monday after training and handed in his notice! Chris was also working full time as a recruitment manager. His aim was to phase out his hours and work with us full time. We are pleased to advise that he has also just handed in his notice this week!

Below you can see a short video where the group were talking about how their training week went:


Despite only having been in business for one month, these four fantastic franchisees have kicked off their business with an absolute bang! They have generated 28 bookings to the value of over £31,000 which is phenomenal, and we envisage bright futures for all. Who knows… maybe there could be a future Money Back Challenge winner in there too?

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