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Future Flex: The best way to start your travel business and get the timing right

Would you love to open a travel business but are now wondering…. “When will it be the right time?”

Well, the answer might surprise you.

These are definitely tough times for the travel industry. And the next few weeks aren’t likely to be any easier – certainly short-term holiday bookings are being delayed until the picture is a little more clear.

But travel is the largest industry in the world. It always bounces back from challenges, because people always want holidays. For example, we’re seeing lots of bookings for later in the year and into 2021.

And, once the current situation calms down, the industry is expecting a wave of new bookings in a one-off mid-year Peaks period (to take advantage of offers from travel suppliers that weren’t previously available).

Act when the timing is right for you

If you’ve been thinking about starting a travel business for a while, it’s natural that you might now fall into one of the following camps.

Camp 1: You want to wait and see what happens next 


Camp 2: You’re entrepreneurial but realistic and know that business is all about timing

To give you some context: Not Just Travel was started the day after 9/11. And The Travel Franchise was born out of the last recession. Neither was a great time to start a business on paper. 

Now, ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Could we see the future?
  2. Did we have an unfair advantage?
  3. Were we uniquely talented?

The answer is (sadly) no to all three!

But, as entrepreneurs, we knew a lot comes down to your attitude and approach.

For us, it meant being prepared and properly set-up meant we’d be ready to capitalise on the inevitable recovery when it came.

The question for you is, do you want to be ready to take advantage of the next travel upswing or do you want to keep waiting?

What to do next

If you’re in Camp 1 – that’s totally fine. We’ll be here for you when you’re ready to take the next step and there’s absolutely no pressure to join now.

But if you want to be positioned to take advantage of the recovery when it happens, we’re ready to work with you now.

That’s why we’re adding yet another new feature to our latest franchises that means you can act when the timing is right for you. It’s called Future Flex.

Future Flex means that:

  • You don’t need to start your business now
  • You can take advantage of the Money-Back Challenge until it’s retired on March 31st
  • AND you get all the benefit of our latest franchises (now with up to 60 features)
  • You only need to pay a deposit to get things moving
  • You can reserve training dates that will be sold-out when the recovery happens
  • You can react to the current situation with Future Flex by moving your training date & business start date at no charge if your ideal timing changes.

I’ve created a video for you here that goes into much more detail.

Remember, you can speak to me anytime if you’ve got questions you’d like answered – just book a call with me here.

Paul Harrison

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