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You'll get total support from our Head Office

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Our head office team do all your travel admin

Travel is an admin heavy business. To do all your customer paperwork would mean less time to be meeting new customers. Don’t worry – we take care of all your travel admin with our large head-office operations team.

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We help you build travel trade relationships

We get the best rates because of our buying power. But we also invest in dealing with travel suppliers to make sure we build the best relationships. 

It means you always get the chance to offer your customers the best deals as well as the most insight into the best holidays for them. You’ll also get to meet and build relationships with travel suppliers yourself through both our events and on Familiarisation Trips that they provide.

Watch this interview with Rupert from Beachcomber Tours to learn more about how Not Just Travel builds relationships that you can make the most of.

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Our franchisees love the support they get

When Thomas Cook sadly could no longer continue trading, we were immediately there with a plan of action. It helped customers and also enabled consultants to deal professionally and calmly with the situation. 

Take a look at just one thread of comments from our private Facebook group. (You can click or tap on each one to make it larger).

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Get mentorship from our team

Our team are here to help all travel consultants be the best they can be. There are regular weekly webinars and live training sessions that teach you how to sell travel in the most effective way possible. 

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A Business Development Manager is there to help every day

Imagine having a travel guardian angel. That’s what a Business Development Manager is.

Your BDM is there to help whenever you need them. You get introduced to them as you finish your training and then become part of their team.

They’ll be there to help you with any questions you might have, as well as providing tips, tricks and motivation (if you need it).

If you’ve never worked in travel before then this resource is almost priceless in your first few months as a self employed travel consultant.

"My BDM was always with me"

My Business Development Manager was always planning with me even though I wasn’t actively working on the business yet.

I was fully supported by the NJT team.


Sarah, Travel Consultant

"Helped with my first booking"

My first ever holiday booking as a certified travel agent was made about one week after I completed the initial training. I needed help with the quote and my Business Development Manager helped me all the way through it.


Deepkamal Dhillon, Travel Consultant

Get access to our Travel Concierge service

This service will not only upgrade your customers experiences, it will also upgrade your own. No more hours doing admin tasks when you could be out selling more holidays!

Let our dream team here at HQ take care of those little touches that make your customers feel extra special. All so you can still provide fantastic service while freeing up more of your time to work on building your empire.

Our dedicated in-house team will ensure your customers have the best possible experience time and time again. This means your customer will always have someone extra to speak to regarding their holiday, and the entire team will always be briefed on every customer profile so that updates or changes are communicated efficiently.

The Concierge Service is an optional extra for all consultants. However, it comes at no extra cost to your customers. And while we’re looking after your customers, you’ll have more time to focus on your sales.


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We're here 6 days a week

Our head office team are available 6 days a week including evenings. We also have an emergency out-of-hours help service if you ever need it. Plus, your Business Development Manager will always be available to you.



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