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Helen – our very own radio star

You may have already read Helen’s blog here – Radio London did. In fact, they were so enthralled that they wanted Helen to tell their listeners all about it. 

In a segment about overcoming ‘empty nest syndrome’, Helen fitted the bill perfectly. 

Listen to how Helen, a stay-at-home-mum for 20-odd years – a job that she cherished – found herself somewhat lost and redundant when her children fled the nest and went to university.

That was until she discovered The Travel Franchise and set herself up as a homeworking travel agent. By all accounts, it gave her a complete new lease of life, boosted her confidence and allowed her children and husband to see her in a totally new light. 

“It’s like I’ve had two lives in one lifetime. I’ve got an extra spring in my step. I absolutely love it. My children are so delighted for me. They are all really proud of my achievement.

“Having been a mum for so long, I just didn’t have the confidence. But this has shown me that we’re all perfectly capable of learning new skills no matter how old we are. Just go for it.”

Helen’s new career has also allowed her to find her wings – literally. As she was chatting to BBC Radio London presenter Shay Kaur Grewal, she was doing so live from her cabin on board MSC Euribia, which is currently cruising between Rotterdam and Paris and is hosting more than 100 Not Just Travel agents as part of our week-long International Mastery Retreat! Talk about changing your life! 

Listen to Helen’s story and why not follow suit? Change your life. Reinvent yourself. Your new business is just one call away. 

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