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Here’s what you missed at The BIG Event

Last weekend saw over 220 people make their way to London for our BIG Event.

Attendees included over 120 excited prospective franchisees who were there to get a sneak peak at our brand new packages (with more than 10 new benefits added).

Of particular interest was the new Set-Up Acceleration Launch Programme, which sees new franchisees benefit from a PR and Digital campaign of social media posts, social graphics and press releases to help them launch their new company.

They also learnt about Not Just Travel’s greater opportunities to travel overseas via its enhanced NJT Holidays programme and were impressed by the company’s on-going mentorship scheme.

Full details of the new packages will be made public shortly.

You can catch up with everything you missed in the video below.

Also in attendance were over 100 existing franchisees. They had a packed day of training around digital and social media, as well as a special session on selling cruises.

Attendees from both groups were treated to a surprise visit from the doyens of the travel industry: John and Irene Hays.

Having recently rescued 555 Thomas Cook High Street shops and saving over 2,000 jobs, the couple were catapulted to almost celebrity status in a flurry of media coverage.

Sitting as a member on the advisory board of Not Just Travel and as mentor to the company’s co-founders Paul Harrison and Steve Witt, John Hays took to the stage, alongside his wife and business partner Irene Hays.

As well as giving the audience an insight into their careers and how they grew their company into the UK’s largest independent travel agency, the couple underpinned their association with Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise.

Not Just Travel are a major partner of Hays Travel. They’re growing really rapidly, getting bigger and stronger year after year.

John Hays. Founder at Hays Travel.

“John and Irene are the most influential people in retail travel and we’re delighted that they scheduled this event into their very busy timetable,” said our Co-Founder, Paul. “We’re immensely proud that we have the support of them personally and the Hays Independence Group. If you are going to join a travel franchise, then surely it makes sense to join one that has the stamp of approval from this esteemed couple? We hope that attendees at our event will take comfort from the Hays endorsement and consider it to be a reassurance when they are looking to sign up and join us.”

The event also saw the spotlight land on the company’s brand ambassador, Daley Thompson. With four world records and two Olympic gold medals in his trophy cabinet, he’s often considered the greatest decathlete the world has ever seen.

Having demonstrated on the track that hard work and determination can pay off, Thompson addressed the audience at The Big Event with his inspiring story.

“Daley is a perfect example of someone who set himself a goal and, with hard work, dedication and positive thinking smashed it. When starting your own business, it can seem like a hell of a challenge. But with a determined and positive outlook – along with the support of an established franchise model – your business can be thriving in no time.”

Paul Harrison. Co-Founder at The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel.

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