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He’s the biggest name in breakfast TV and now he’s joined our team! Find out more about our spokesperson Eamonn Holmes OBE, his love of travel and his tips for agents. 

In case you missed it, Eamonn Holmes OBE joined our company last month and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have him on board. In May he accompanied 85 of our consultants and 10 members of our corporate team on a company trip to Scandinavia with Princess Cruises and next week he will co-host The Travel Podcast with our brand ambassador Hayley Sparkes. Read on to find out more about the veteran broadcaster and his passion for travel. 

Tell us about your experience in travel

“When I moved from Ireland to England at the age of 26 I was incredibly lucky to be offered a job on BBC 1’s Holiday programme. I stayed there for eight years or so, travelling around the world experiencing everything from ranch holidays in the USA to sailing the Danube. After that I joined GMTV where there was also a lot of travel involved to places like Dubai, Turkey and South Africa.” 

What are your favourite destinations?

“I love visiting Turkey. I think Istanbul is an amazing city and if you travel away from the main tourist hotspots into the countryside you can find some beautiful places where you can spot bears and see other incredible sights. I am also a big fan of what the USA has to offer having been heavily influenced by American music and Western films when I was young. I do think America is a land of opportunity – it has geography that ranges from snow-capped mountains to beautiful blue lagoons – it’s got everything.”

You champion travel agents and the value they add. Why?

“Before the pandemic we were all so used to being told: book your own flight, book your own transfer to the airport, book your own hotel room, whatever. And then when chaos struck, people had to reclaim each one of those things individually whilst desperately trying to find out all the associated rules. However those who had been represented by travel agents found that the work was being done for them. They didn’t have to worry about these things. And, you know, that to me was just so obvious. The world today is not about having everything automated and saving money, the pandemic repositioned the travel agency trade again in the forefront of people’s minds so that they thought, hey, there is a use to agents. Why are we doing all this ourselves when we can cut out the stress by getting a consultant to do it for us, especially when often it does not cost any more?” 

There are hundreds of travel companies out there. Why have you chosen The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel?

“What I love the most about Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise is the passion everybody has – not just for travel, but for helping others. I think it’s fascinating that the majority of consultants have worked in other jobs and yet they’ve chosen to retrain and do something completely different, to start a new adventure in travel. I always say that if you do something you love, you will never work a day in your life. Many people are obviously searching for their ideal profession and clearly many franchisees have found it. Travel is a magical thing.”  

Did you enjoy our company cruise on Sky Princess with Not Just Travel in May?

“Yes, I love cruising and the ability to visit so many destinations on one holiday, falling asleep in one destination and waking up in a new place in the morning. I’ve never been on a Princess Cruise ship before so it was fantastic to get a feel for the brand and experience Oslo and Skagen for the first time. It was also great to meet the consultants, to shake their hands and find out from them why they’re doing what they’re doing, what they’re getting out of it, what the problems are, and just represent them and the company the best way that I can.” 

What are your tips to travel consultants starting out in the business?

“As a television presenter, it’s imperative that I form a relationship with people who are watching or listening and the same goes for agents – if people buy into you and your personality, they will trust you and what you’re saying – you’ve got to form a bond between you and the customer. I’m also a great believer that a smile and humour can solve a lot of problems.”

Do you want to earn money doing something you love and belong to a team that has Eamonn championing your work? If you think you’d make a good personal travel agent, watch our series of Discovery videos in your own time and get in touch with us.

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