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Holiday Sales up 33% Compared to This Time Last Year

At Not Just Travel we have seen an increase in holiday bookings of 33% this January compared to last year – with more people than ever before planning trips to exotic locations.

In fact, we have seen a 250% increase year-on-year for people booking holidays to Indonesia, 150% increase in bookings to Canada, and a 189% increase to the Dominican Republic. The UK is also a popular destination choice with more people choosing to staycation in the Great British Isles this year – with a 14% increase in volume year-on-year.

The boost to Indonesia is from an increase in people booking wellness holidays, which is a growing trend in the industry. Overall, we have seen more bookings year-on-year with a 45% increase in the average booking value, which equates to a 53% increase in total profits.

Package holiday sales are up 40% compared to same period last year and we have also seen a 19% increase in cruise bookings so far at the start of the 2020.

Co-Founder Steve Witt says: “We are seeing a real shift in holiday bookings; people are either booking to enjoy a UK staycation at home or they are looking for a unique experience in further-flung areas of the globe. People want to experience something special, and places like Indonesia with its choice of exotic locations, glorious beaches, luxury resorts and cultural highlights like its beautiful temples and stunning mountain ranges, really provide that.”

January to March is what the travel industry calls Peaks, and this is a very busy time for holiday bookings. All of our franchisees are right in the middle of this at the moment and as you can see they are making more bookings this Peaks than ever before!

One thing seems certain, holidays are something people will always prioritise; while other industries are being affected by Brexit, we are seeing increased holiday sales.

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