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Homeworking helps me support my son – now in talks with a major UK football team

Read on to find out why Bethany

  • Choose NJT for its flexible home working
  • Has a talented son that needs support
  • Is sponsoring a football team with NJT strips
  • Works at NJT head office while growing her business
  • Has plans to grow her agency and employ staff

Want to be your own boss, work flexible hours, grow your business and be there for your family?

That’s why Bethany joined The Travel Franchise, but she isn’t what we call a ‘typical’ franchisee.

That’s because while most of our travel consultants have never worked in travel before, Bethany has 13 years’ experience working for TUI and has sold thousands of holidays before she joined us.

Bethany decided to become a homeworking Not Just Travel consultant two years ago when she realised she needed more flexible hours to support her son, Bailey.

Having battled with the education and health system for years, he was finally diagnosed with ADHD and other underlying conditions.

She had always wanted to set up her own travel consultancy, and being part of NJT meant that she could set it up quickly and work around Bailey’s needs, driving him six hours to play football with a prominent club every week. As NJT was also looking for experienced staff, she also began working in our ops department.

Despite working full time and fitting in selling holidays in her spare time, Bethany’s business has really taken off. Not only has she sold over £500,000 worth of holidays and doubled her sales in 2022, but her son Bailey has blossomed too.

He’s just been offered a contract and scholarship with one of the UK’s major football clubs.

“We are so excited that he will be given this incredible opportunity.”

“Bailey has played football since he was six years old for Sunderland Academy, then coming out of the system into grassroots football playing for Silksworth C.W Juniors. Since Covid the support from his grassroots coaches has been incredible and I’ve watched Bailey going back to his happy self after being failed by so many systems.

“Working flexible hours has enabled me to ensure he gets to football training in his safe place doing what he does best in the goal.”

Although Bailey doesn’t play for Silksworth C.W anymore, Bethany wanted to give something back and has sponsored the team, paying for their strips featuring the NJT logo.

“They really supported him and we will always support them.”

Bethany has high hopes for her own travel agency too. Her personal goal is to have a small team and to support their work/life balance too.

“Because of the struggles I’ve had in the workplace I understand people need to be understood as an individual and require flexibility too.”

Bethany says she wouldn’t want to work in any other industry.

“I love working in travel. It doesn’t seem like a job. I love booking holidays and travelling, experiencing different destinations, different traditions, and different food.

“I’m very lucky my grandparents have taken me all around the world with them from the moment I was born and I want to do the same with Bailey. To travel with him and show him the world.”

Book a holiday – Not Just Travel with Bethany or want to follow in her footsteps? Find out more here

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