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How A £12 Haircut Became A £12k Mexico Booking

Penny started her travel business end of 2019, joining as an Elite. She positioned herself as a honeymoon travel specialist from early on, but with new challenges since the pandemic she’s discovered an additional target market she can help.

Alongside running a part-time travel business, Penny cuts hair. It’s the perfect opportunity to start conversations with people, as all she has to ask is “Are you planning to go away this year?” 

Of course, you don’t need to be a hairdresser or barber to do the same thing. You just need to know one and get them talking about your travel business to their customers. 

Click above to watch the interview between Dave, one of our partnership managers (aka business coach), and Penny a Not Just Travel franchisee:

Watch Penny’s interview to discover: 

  • How a chat about what her customer was doing at the weekend turned into a big holiday booking to Mexico
  • How that same haircut turned into an opportunity for lots more customers
  • How “RMJ’” customers (Retired, Money, and Jabbed) are her new focus 
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