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How a chance encounter by the pool on holiday led to £50,000 of sales and a Partner in Travel deal

Some people make friends while on holiday but for Philippa, a chance encounter  with a stranger by the pool resulted in over 30 new clients and £50k-worth of sales in just two months.

Philippa was sipping a cocktail and soaking up the sun in Turkey with her husband and two young daughters when she began chatting to the family beside them. 

“When I told him I organised holidays, the guy asked for my business card saying that he and his family took three or four holidays a year and he could outsource the research and organisation to me.”

It wasn’t long before Philippa was planning his next holiday just a few months later. She thought a little more about it – until she got an email from her new customer revealing a little bit more. 

“It turned out that he has an asset wealth management company. Each year he runs retreats for his clients, when they all meet up overseas for four or five days to discuss strategies and share knowledge. The next retreat was to be held in Phuket in Thailand and would I be happy for him to pass my details on to some of his delegates so they could book their travel through me?”

Obviously, Philippa said yes and jumped at the opportunity. But then, with her business head on, she wondered how she could make the most of the opportunity by creating a formalised agreement: a Partner In Travel. 

Our exclusive Partners In Travel programme is essentially a referral programme. 

Whenever Philippa’s new partner refers someone to her and they go on to make a booking, Philippa will give him a 10% slice of her commission. 

“I knew this would really incentivise him to send all his delegates my way and he’d encourage them to book with me. Of course he agreed. Not only is it easy money for him, but it gives his company more credibility and streamlines all the logistics for his delegates making him look more professional. Essentially it looks like he has his own travel consultant. We’re partners.” 

The contract was signed at the end of June this year and within no time Philippa found herself making the travel plans for all the delegates to the retreat in Phuket. However, what she didn’t anticipate was that many of the delegates would not be travelling alone. 

“Many want to bring their husbands, their wives, their families, their friends. So it completely snowballed and I’ve been organising the travel plans for all of them. I’ve had some delegates go on to spend three weeks travelling around Thailand, so it’s become so much bigger.” 

Just two months after forming the partnership, Philippa has made travel plans for 33 people – and there’s still more to come. Sales for this retreat currently sit at almost £50,000 and, even after she’s given her partner in travel a percentage of her commission, she’s onto a winner.  

Not only is her share considerable but there’s more business to come. Many of these delegates may well come back to her to book their own personal travel and plans are already being put in place for the next retreat, which will take place in Dubai and Ras al Khaimah next Easter. 

While Philippa’s new Partner in Travel is entitled to commission for every one of his referrals, these are all clients she has not had to work hard to find herself.  This initial deal is in place for 12 months – but Philippa is sure it will be extended. 

“It’s been a whirlwind and business is absolutely booming. This is my first Partner in Travel and it’s worked so well it’s sent my head into a bit of a spin thinking that this is the way to go. I’m looking at reaching out to other companies that do a similar kind of thing with retreats.”

While Philippa’s Partner takes commission, the Partner in Travel package deal can differ. Some Partners give their referrals a discount rather than take the commission. 

For a company, this effectively creates a staff perk or benefit; some companies choose to give the commission to charity, thus it becomes part of their corporate social responsibility strategy. Deals can be customised. 

Indeed, this is a real turning point for Philippa’s business.  Philippa initially ran her travel consultancy on the side, while also being the full-time retail area manager of a large supermarket chain and was working a 50-hour week. 

After the birth of her second daughter, she moved to part time so that she could spend more time with her family and grow the business. In June of this year, she decided to take the plunge and dive right in completely, giving up her retail job to focus solely on her travel agency.  

“In my mind I told myself I needed to match my income I was achieving on my part-time salary in the retail world. In the past couple of months I’ve actually matched what I was earning full time! It’s been a change of mindset and commitment to do it. I realised nothing was going to change unless I made it change. So now I work solidly on NJT three days a week while my youngest is in childcare – although often I work a little in the evenings if I have to.

“It’s been a whirlwind and it was all while the kids were on summer holidays, grandparents were away and pre-school was closed. But that’s the great thing about this job is that I can fit it all in around the girls.”

Philippa admits you’ve got to put in the work. 

“You do have to go out there and find the customers.” 

But, with her new strategy of signing up Partners in Travel, it literally is like customers are being served up on a plate! 

Hungry for a new life, one that fits around your family? Find out more about our Partners in Travel programme here

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