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How a wedding on the rocks led to a cancelled stag do and almost lost this couple the Money-Back Challenge

If you join as an Elite franchisee, we offer you the chance to enter our unique Money-Back Challenge.

The rules are simple. Achieve a set amount of commission in your first year and we’ll refund your £14,995 franchise fee!

The idea is that if you’re successful, we are too, and there’s nothing quite like encouraging a bit of hard work in the first year than £15k in your pocket. 

When Louis and Lizz (pictured above) joined us early in 2023, they were keen to beat the Challenge, but like many franchisees they also had other jobs and commitments.

Not only were the couple running another business – offsite car parking in Southend Airport – they were also bringing up two children aged seven and 11 and opening another business at the same time. They also moved house twice in the past year!

Like many franchisees it took time to learn the ropes, but the couple quickly managed to secure a lot of business via Facebook, word of mouth and repeat bookings. 

“We got very lucky and got a couple of really big bookings with a lot of people. And since then, many of those people have gone on to book other holidays with us.” 

The first big booking that the couple secured was a group of 23 people going to Lapland.

As the couple have been to Lapland, they knew exactly which one of our 450 travel suppliers would be able to help – Inghams.

“Ingham’s were fantastic – they really helped and now the same customers have booked their third holiday with us. The lady really trusts me now and has told me that she’ll never go anywhere else for a holiday, which is great and always nice to hear.”

The couple also secured a group booking of 26 people to Mauritius, followed by a stag do to Tenerife.  

However, disaster struck when a stag do that they were organising to Ibiza for 30 guys was cancelled. 

“Their budget was insane. It was like £2,000 per person. And there were 30 of them going. It was all booked and then the couple getting married called off the wedding – just one week before our Money-Back Challenge deadline. As that was a huge amount of our commission we went into panic mode and literally worked like 21 hours a day that last week just to try and get that money back.”  

While Louis didn’t want Lizz to stress, Lizz was adamant she wasn’t going to give up. 

“We had no internet in the final 10 days of our Challenge as we were moving house and we were still a good eight or nine grand off our goal. So, I said to Lizz: ‘Look, we’re stressed enough as it is, we’re moving house, forget about it’. I didn’t think it was possible, but give Lizz her due, I was wrong.”

Lizz worked around the clock to pull in some last-minute bookings.

Says Lizz: “I proved him wrong. I went to my mum’s house to use her internet and I literally worked all the hours I could and it paid off. We got it!”

Now, Lizz and Louis are planning what to do with the money.

“We travel a lot. We go on a lot of holidays. One of the main reasons we started this business was to get extra money for holidays. Anything we earn from this business funds our trips.”

So what advice do the couple have for others attempting the Money-Back Challenge?

Louis says that many customers have returned to them because they don’t turn down bookings – even if they’re small.

“I believe we won the Money-Back Challenge because we never turn clients away. Even for those small bookings where we got just £90 commission, for example. We took them all. Then the clients returned to us and gave us better-value bookings. 

“When you start any new business, you’ve got to put in the time and effort to get the reward. We put in a lot of hours. But we’ve got the reward for it in the end.”  

And now, having built up their knowledge and confidence, the couple say they can make simple package holiday bookings in just 10 minutes compared to a few hours when they first started. 

But most of all they love what they do.

“We absolutely love travelling and being able to help people do the same. I love getting messages from our clients when they’re back from their holidays saying what a fantastic time they’ve had. I really appreciate it when they thank us for all our help.”

Would you like to follow in Lizz and Louis’ steps and be in with a chance of getting your business for free? Then be sure to watch our Discovery videos here, register for our free magazine and sign up for a chat with our co-founder. It’s the first steps to a brand new exciting adventure. 

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