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How Ami made £75k of bookings in her first two weeks as a travel consultant

This week, our head of franchise development Dave Pope caught up with new franchisee Ami, who is having a fantastic start to life in her new travel business.


Because she’s less than 2 weeks out of training and has already generated 17 bookings and £75k in travel sales.

How did she do it? Watch the interview to find out more

Ami’s already recovered more than DOUBLE her start-up costs

At an average of 10% commission, Ami’s £75k in bookings would net £7,500 in revenue.

And by joining with a Lite package at just £2,995 net start up fees, she’s already not only recovered those costs immediately, but more than doubled her initial investment in under 2 weeks.

In fact, with the average booking currently over £4,000, you could cover your Lite start-up costs with around 7 sales.

All of this has been achieved with zero travel experience

Ami comes from a finance background but travel is her real passion.

Choosing The Travel Franchise was the obvious choice, as we’re the #1 in Britain for taking someone who’s never worked in travel before and helping them start a successful travel agency of their own.

Ami told us:

I’ve worked in accounts admin for about 22 years now, but never really enjoyed it. It was just a job really.

But I’ve always been passionate about traveling.

Ami was always the one in the group of family and friends booking the trips.

I always helped a lot of friends book holidays. Or if I was going on a girl’s trip, for instance, I’d be the one to arrange it. So people started coming to me for help, and I was offering a service anyway, free of charge.

So everyone was saying, why don’t you do this as a job? It’d be ideal.

And that’s how I got into it!

There’s no secret – but there is a plan to follow

As part of your ongoing training, we show you exactly how to get your first customers and then expand with our marketing and business development support.

Ami’s friends and family have been big supporters, not only with bookings of their own but also sharing her social media posts.

She’s also pushed herself out of her comfort zone by making sure everyone she knows is aware of what she’s doing and the fact she’s part of a larger multi-million pound organisation.

Ami loves the support she gets

Your induction training takes a week and is where you learn the basics of the business.

But it doesn’t stop there – we’re by your side every step of the way. It’s crucial in the first few weeks and months… or in Ami’s case, minutes, as she made her first booking as soon as training finished.

She said:

I had someone that wanted to proceed with the booking, so as soon as I got that log in, I was straight on. I wasn’t quite sure if I was doing it right but the support was there.

It was a Friday evening. I was helped by various different people along the way from Not Just Travel, just to make sure I was doing that booking right.

Ami also knows she can call on her Partnership Manager or the NJT community at any time.

If I’ve got query, I can drop a WhatsApp message to my Partnership Manager and they respond instantly. I’ve had bookings on weekends where I’m not quite sure on something. So I’ve dropped them a message and straight away they’ll ring me or jump on a zoom call.

And the NJT tools & community are also there to help

Everything that you need as well is on The Hub. If I’ve got something I’m not quite sure about, I’ll jump on there and have a look.

And I wasn’t aware of all the Facebook forums that we’ve got as part of the company. They’re just fantastic. If I’ve got a little query or something, I’ll hop on there and just type the question in and within a few seconds, people are answering your question for you. So it’s just been great!

None of this would happen without Ami’s get-up-and-go attitude

When you start your franchise, it’s an instant travel business that saves you years and tens-of-thousands of pounds versus going it alone.

We like to call it your vehicle for success.

And, while we teach you how to drive and exactly what to do, you still have to do it. So a huge well done to Ami for getting started so quickly and following the plan to a tee!

If you’ve got a passion for travel, you could be running your own business by spring this year – just watch our online presentation to learn more.

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