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How Ben & Toni have expanded their business with a specialised website for Lapland holidays

“…ultimately they were really impressed with not only our knowledge but also our service

We LOVE talking to prospects about their travel stories, as this is one of the main attractions for joining such an emotive industry! Many people talk about their love for cruises, or a region they just keep going back to for the culture, food or scenery.

As part of the Elite and Supreme packages, franchisees receive the opportunity to create specialized websites to attract new customers. This can be incredibly useful when a franchisee joins with the knowledge of a specific type of holiday or destination, as they can sell their passion and enthusiasm to customers.

Ben and Toni are a pair of successful franchisees who have utilized their knowledge of Lapland holidays to target this specific audience. Based in the North West of England, they have a vast selection of suppliers that are available to them as franchisees of The Travel Franchise. Because of the strong relationship we have with these suppliers, they are able to offer competitive rates using the website platform that we have created for them.

This time of year is fantastic for inspiring families to go and see the real Santa Claus, and they have recently celebrated a huge booking worth £23,294! We caught up with Toni to talk more about this amazing achievement.

“This booking was an enquiry through our Lapland Specialist Website.” She said. “We have certainly seen an increase in enquiries for last minute bookings and bookings for 2020 in recent weeks. We are very active on Social media and sometimes boost our posts as well as google pay per click adds. Both work really well for us.”

The duo always ensure every booking they receive is given their full attention. “we treat every booking with great care and attention to ensure the client has the best possible experience.” This booking was no different, and because of the knowledge and exceptional service they provide, the customer had an easy choice. “Our knowledge in Lapland and the industry certainly helped secure this booking. This customer did get quotes from other companies but they were wrongly advised by some, and ultimately they were really impressed with not only our knowledge but also our service and said they wouldn’t have booked this with any other company!”

“It is really important to follow up on every enquiry that comes in

She also recognises her obligations for positive interactions “It is really important to follow up on every enquiry that comes in, it can take some time speaking with customers, understanding their requirements and finding the right trip for them. It’s not ‘One Size Fits All’ with Lapland. We have researched all Lapland trips out there and know which trip fits our clients and that’s why we get so many enquiries and bookings, because we really are experts in the field!”

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