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How does ‘partners in travel’ work?

Unique to us, Partners in Travel means you can explode your business by becoming an official travel agent for other businesses and groups.

This programme enables others to make money OR save money by simply referring a traveller to you, or by referring a whole group of people. 

A partner can be anyone. A group of people or a network that will go away on holiday and make a booking at some point… which includes pretty much everyone. This can be leisure, or business-related.

Examples include:

  • Local & national businesses
  • Wedding planners
  • Hairdressers
  • Schools, colleges, universities
  • Charities
  • Sports clubs
  • Brownies groups
  • Places of worship

The list goes on… 😀

Once signed up, your ‘Partner in Travel’ then promotes you to the people they know. Instead of you having to spend lots of time and effort finding customers one at a time, you can build relationships with a few ‘Key Strategic Partners’.

To find out more visit our Partners in Travel page here.

The options…

The money back option where the Partner (e.g. the sports club) earns a share of the commission from the sale of the holiday in return for finding you another customer. The commission amount varies, depending on the type of Partner package they have signed up for.

There is a save money option is where a company signs up and then all their staff can get a discount on their own personal bookings. This effectively creates a perk/staff benefit for their team members.

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