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How a Discovery event led Ellie to ditch teaching to juggle a thriving travel business and a new baby

It’s fair to say that the past year has been a whirlwind for Ellie.

Congratulations are certainly in order: 

  • She got married. 
  • She’s pregnant, due to give birth to a baby girl in July. 
  • And she ditched her job as a teacher and launched a successful home based travel business with us in January. 

Ellie loves her newfound career and says it’s all down to the personal travel consultant who organised her own honeymoon.

“I have always loved to travel and when my husband decided to go to Kenya for our honeymoon we wanted to get it right so decided to use a travel consultant for the first time.”

Ellie was amazed how the agent made the entire process stress free.

“We just mentioned all the things we wanted; when we wanted to go; what we wanted to do…and she came back with an option, which she went on to tweak until it was perfect.”

The experience sparked Ellie’s interest.

“I remember saying to my husband that this would be an amazing job. That I could see myself doing it. I’ve always been quite organised and enjoyed travelling. So I felt that in terms of my skill set, it fitted really well.”

When Ellie returned to her work as a primary school teacher after an incredible honeymoon, she couldn’t get the thought of becoming a travel agent out of her mind. 

“The idea of becoming a travel consultant and being able to be part of other people’s travel was just so exciting for me. It would offer me the flexibility that teaching never would in terms of life balance.”

To scratch the itch, Ellie attended one of our Discovery events. We hold these two-hour sessions in various locations across the country to enable people to meet us face to face and ask as many questions as they wish. 

“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet Paul (our company co-founder). He is so personable and very down to earth. He told us his story of how he worked through ups and downs and reassured me that, despite not coming from a business or a travel background, I could still make a success of this.”

To get another valued opinion, she took her husband along to a second Discovery session, this time in their hometown of Southampton. Come the end of the session, the couple were convinced that it was the right fit and Ellie signed up to our most popular Elite franchise package. 

By the time she’d served her lengthy notice period at school, it was January this year that she completed her online training with us. 

“It was five days and it was intense. We started off the week learning about the role and how the travel industry worked and then, as the week progressed, we got into the finer details of logistically making a booking. Each day was headed up by a different member of the team, so we really got to know them. At the end of the week we were assigned our own BDM (Business Development Manager), which for me has been invaluable.” 

Every consultant that joins us is appointed a BDM. Your BDM is highly experienced in the travel industry. They’re by your side to mentor you, guide you, motivate you and help you grow your business. They’re not your boss – you run your company. Think of them more like your guardian angel or fairy godmother who flies in to advise, guide and reassure you. 

“My BDM is Paula. When I first started I was on the phone to her a lot. She particularly reassured me as I made my first few bookings because I was so nervous. But now we only have a scheduled meeting every other week – but I know she’s always there whenever and if ever I need her advice.” 

Less than four months since the launch of her company, Ellie is about to collect her Gold Pin. 

Our Pin programme is simply a scheme devised to motivate our travel consultants. The more bookings they make the higher up the pin ladder they climb. Our consultants love wearing their pins with pride when we all meet up at conferences or conventions.

“I hit my bronze quite quickly, which was for 10 bookings. And then I hit my silver, which made me really proud. I’ve now my gold pin. It’s a real sense of achievement.”

Luckily for Ellie, she’s at the age where many of her friends are about to get married. Knowing herself how important a honeymoon is – and recalling the great job her personal travel consultant did for her – Ellie has already got a few readymade customers. 

With hundreds of tour operators to choose from, Ellie is able to curate bespoke trips tailored specifically to her newlywed clients. A trip East combined Singapore, Vietnam and Dubai; while for another couple, she organised their trip Down Under, taking in Singapore, Perth and Bali. 

“We’ve got so many brilliant suppliers to choose from, so I tend to go to the one that’s best suited to the client. And it’s not just flights and hotels they offer, they can add on extras too. For example, one couple wanted to do a river cruise while they were travelling and I found just the right supplier. We’re so fortunate that we have so many tour operators to choose from.”

Her friends and family have been equally supportive. 

“To be honest, it’s just snowballed. I’m not a salesperson. I have no background at all in business or sales and I don’t cold call. But I’ve also found clients through Facebook and people have tagged me in their online holiday conversations.”

So is the new job living up to her expectations? 

“It’s amazing. It’s such a great career. Holidays are always so exciting, so it’s always a positive interaction with people. And it’s really rewarding when you hear back from customers to say what a fabulous time they had. It’s amazing to be your own boss and be in charge of your own business. I love it.” 

Ellie has also got to travel with her new career. Just a few weeks after joining us she attended our Millionaires Retreat, in sunny Fuerteventura. 

This five-day training trip to a short-haul overseas destination is included in our Elite franchise packages (many people say they’re worth the franchise fee alone!). 

They’re a great opportunity to step away from the day-to-day running of your business for a few days to take a more strategic look at how you’re growing your company. Motivational guest speakers, the company co-founders and experienced consultants are on hand throughout the trip’s training sessions to impart tips and tricks to help you. 

Ellie has returned inspired to build her customer base even more and loves the fact that she’ll be able to juggle her business around her baby girl due to arrive in July. 

 “The great thing about this job is the flexibility – I never would have had that being a teacher. It will allow me to work around my baby’s schedule. I know I can do it because so many people do this job while juggling other jobs. I’ll be juggling becoming a new parent and running my business at the same time and I’m so excited.” 

We’ll soon be announcing our next free Discovery event, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can watch our Discovery videos at home.

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