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How Gilly Uses Facebook To Build Her Travel Business

Gilly became a Travel Consultant in January 2019 and loves to travel as often as she can with her travel business.

Despite this year being a challenging time for everyone in the travel industry, Gilly hit her financial plan and goals for June and July 2020.

Her outstanding customer service, hard work, and proactive approach to social media are just some of the ways she makes her business a success.

Gilly in Greece this year

I do a lot of “Facebook Live” sessions on my page, I’ve been doing them since everything changed in March this year.

I always do one every Friday at 6 pm, so people know this is the time I am there.

Each week I talk about the hot topics in travel or offer advice.

My message is always pointed towards the reasons why anyone should book with a travel agent, centered around protection, flexibility etc.

I often talk about travel insurance, which I can also sell to people.

Doing these Facebook Live sessions has really boosted my online presence. It’s made me even more visible to people since the global pandemic.

It helps build trust and positions me and my travel business as a credible, knowledgeable place to go, especially when in doubt or following a bad experience booking elsewhere.

I hosted a Facebook Live when in Greece, staying at Stella Island with my husband this year, which I booked through my travel business.

When at the hotel I posted on social media every day about what we were doing, how the hotel was etc.

We also hired bikes and went out and about to show what it was like for people who tuned in.

I wanted to show my customers and others out there that it was ok.

There were quite a few people in my network who were due to go to Crete at the time. I got lots of likes, shares, and supportive messages. 

We had a wonderful time, it was so worthwhile going. But I do appreciate it is very hard for people with restrictions and quarantine.

Gilly’s home office

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