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How I feel about my travel franchise after five years

With a high stress job for 15 years in local government, Tracey decided enough was enough. Now, after five years with The Travel Franchise, we caught up with her to hear what life is like.

Watch her video below to learn more about how Tracey:

  • Now has the freedom to work when, where and how she wants
  • Has great practical advice for anyone who wants to get started
  • Made a £92,000 booking through a referral from a neighbour

Tracey loves being a Personal Travel Consultant

Being able to work part-time from home and travel more herself are major benefits for Tracey. But more than that, she loves helping people make memories.

A big part of that is adding massive value to their holidays, before they make the booking. 

“A lot of people don’t think exactly about what they want. They’re used to either going online or going into a travel agent and being given something.

People don’t realise we’ve got access to millions and millions of holidays.

So it’s about first of all finding out exactly what they actually need.”

Tracey explains that you need to get to know people and what they like/dislike.

Then you can really start to build a holiday that’ll live forever in their memories.

“Sometimes they’ll start on one side of Europe and they’ll end up on the other side. Maybe not on that beach holiday that they first asked about, but on an adventure holiday.

Because once you start asking the right questions, their eyes start to light up and you can see the excitement.

That’s the extra service that we provide, at no extra cost.”

A referral from a neighbour turned into over £500k of business

Customers come from everywhere when you start your travel business. You need to love talking about holidays and make sure people know what you can do for them.

A neighbour of Tracey’s made an introduction to a customer who’s now spent over £500k on holidays with her.

Tracey explains that she makes sure they always have a perfect experience – and they expect nothing less. But doing something you love doesn’t make that a problem.

“I look after them. They understand the service they get from me. I learn lots and lots from these holidays because I have to do lots of research.”

Their latest holiday is to Bora Bora, worth over £92,000.

Bora Bora, by Hugues de BUYER-MIMEURE

Tracey explains the trip started with a WhatsApp message and then grew and grew.

“I got a WhatsApp Message about the family going to Bora Bora. I started asking questions and providing options. Now they’re going to Tahiti as well and stopping in Chicago along the way. Even though it’s a lot to spend, I make sure they get massive value for money… they’re staying in some amazing places – I get very envious as they’re on my bucket list!”

Tracey loves the freedom of her new lifestyle

As long as you have your laptop, wifi and a phone, you genuinely can work from anywhere. In fact, many of our consultants meet their best customers while they’re away on holiday themselves.

Tracey explains:

“With this job, you really can go anywhere in the world. I’m going to visit my daughter and grandchildren in Australia but will still be able to work. You always see pictures of all the travel consultants on Facebook working from the balcony, beach, terrace or pool.”

After 5 years, she describes The Travel Franchise as “genuine”.

Our co-founders Paul and Steve are absolutely driven to help everyone succeed in this franchise. After 5 years, Tracey couldn’t offer a better endorsement than her description of the duo behind the business.

“Paul and Steve are the most genuine people I’ve ever met. What they say to you is  what they’re doing. It’s very genuine. They really do care about us as travel consultants, helping us to build up the business and working with us.”

Tracey’s also consistently benefited from the ongoing investment and training on offer, without having to pay additional franchise fees.

“There is so much help and support. And the training that we now receive as well as has improved even more. There is a massive program moving forward of different training. You just can’t go wrong. As long as you’re willing to spend the time and put the hours in and learn it.”

One of the greatest surprises is the amount of friends Tracey’s made along the way.

When you join The Travel Franchise, you’ve got the option to become part of the community. Everybody’s happy to help you make the next step in your journey.

Tracey explains that she loves that part of the lifestyle as much as any other. 

“I’ve met some really fantastic friends through it over the last few years.

Recently a few of us met up for afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason in London.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make friends by going to conferences and training. Even on social media. It’s all about the support that everybody gives each other.”

Find out how you could be a personal travel consultant from home by clicking here.

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