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How I turned £25 of flyers into my biggest ever booking

Franchisee Ashlie tells us all about how she’s managed to make her biggest ever booking from a simple advertising flyer.

Watch Ashlie’s full video to learn more about:

  • How she switched careers to become a personal travel consultant
  • What she loves most about the work
  • The surprising place she was when her huge Maldives booking happened

Ashlie’s built a good base of customers over time

Ashlie started her business part-time during the lockdown. In a previous career she’d been cabin crew and then worked around Scottish Tourism. Now she’s built her customer base up to allow her to go full-time. She explains how getting started during lockdown worked for her:

“I thought it was a great opportunity to ease in, doing it part-time to start with and see how I liked it. And I loved it!”

She says her customer base is mostly made up of word-of-mouth and referrals.

“All the foundations that I put in – building my customer base and getting my name out there – is starting to pay off. It’s good to get word of mouth and referrals from previous customers. It’s all going really well.”

Ashlie’s biggest ever booking came from a simple flyer

With word-of-mouth key to her success, Ashlie doesn’t spend lots on promotion or advertising. 

Occasionally though she will do some extra promotion. Including one tiny investment that created massive results.

She explains:

“I did a bit of flyering locally in my local village. I went to our little community cafe where I sometimes help out. And I put some at a couple of the local Christmas markets. I think I paid £25 for 200 flyers.”

Ashlie explains how, months later, she then got a random message from someone on WhatsApp. He was asking her to look into a Maldives booking for him and his daughters – all because of the flyer.

“It’s a mystery as to how he has one of my flyers. He thinks perhaps one of his daughters has picked it up either in the cafe or at one of the Christmas fairs. He said ‘Your flyer was just on my pinboard and as I was looking for a holiday, I thought I’d get in touch’.”

What’s even more exciting is that it turned out to be her biggest ever single booking. A stunning trip to the Maldives was completed with luxury overwater villas including slides right down into the ocean. 

Freedom, flexibility and job satisfaction are key

Ashlie explains that her travel business gives her the perfect blend of what she’s looking for out of work-life balance. And she has no intention of working for other people again. 

“I really enjoy working for myself. I love the satisfaction and I love the flexibility. It works great around a young family as well. It was an easy choice in an industry that I really enjoy.”

But, just as important, is the satisfaction that comes from doing what you love.

“Nothing makes me happier than looking at holidays. For myself, for other people and just in general. I love it and I could do it all day…  and I kind of do!”

Ashlie’s Maldives booking also shows you really can work from anywhere

Many of our consultants meet their best customers while they’re away themselves. 

After all, one of the perks of the job is getting to travel more, for less.

And, because you only need to have your phone and laptop available to make bookings, it doesn’t matter where or when you work.

But perhaps the most surprising thing to Ashlie about the Maldives booking was precisely where she happened to be when it was finalised.

It turned out that she was on holiday herself in Corfu – and actually on the beach.

“I actually made the booking while I was on my sun lounger, having a nice coffee on the beach. I thought it was really surreal. It was my biggest booking ever and I couldn’t believe I was on holiday doing it.”

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