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From Analytical Biochemist to successful Travel Consultant

From Analytical Biochemist to successful Travel Consultant

This week we’ve got another amazing success story to share, as we hear from Ian and Susan Fleming and how they changed their life at The Travel Franchise.

We caught up with Susan Fleming, who started her business with The Travel Franchise 6 years ago, and later joined forces with her husband Ian to build a hugely successful travel business which is still thriving today.

How long have you been with The Travel Franchise and what inspired you to join?

I have been with The Travel Franchise for just over 6 years – I started my training in April 2013. After feeling bored and unchallenged in my job I knew I wanted a change but didn’t know what, and it was only when I took my son to the Franchise Exhibition in London (he was studying business at the time and was interested in some of the talks), that I was presented with the idea of a travel franchise.

After going home and doing my research, I came across The Travel Franchise. They were very forward thinking and I really liked the fact you get your own website along with other benefits, so I decided to sign up!

What is your background prior to joining The Travel Franchise?

My background is in science. I started out as an Analytical Biochemist, analysing food. From there I went on to selling lab equipment and then to Sales Office Manager for a company selling specialist scientific imaging systems.

What would you consider to be your greatest achievement since you joined The Travel Franchise?

Having my husband Ian join me in the business. We met in the science industry, so we knew we worked well together.

When he decided to join me in the business, we upgraded our package from Pro to Elite and it’s been an incredible journey. We love that we have escaped the 9-5 and can travel the world whenever we want.

Describe the training you’ve received from The Travel Franchise

The training has been phenomenal and given me confidence to build my business to what it is today. Being involved from so early on, keeps me motivated to continue to work hard and build on it every day.

What’s next for you? Do you have any particular goals in mind moving forwards?

Next for us is more traveling. The business has been a lifestyle change. We have always loved to travel and experience different places, and now that we can we plan to do more of this.

How would you describe your experience with The Travel Franchise so far?

Amazing, life-changing, fabulous, difficult to put into words. Having been with them for such a long time and to have seen the company grow and develop, this has also allowed me to do the same.

What would you say to anyone who is considering taking on a travel franchise?

We would most definitely recommend it.  If you have a passion for travel and a willingness to work hard, particularly at the beginning when you are building your business up, then you will reap the rewards.

Do you believe that you would have been as successful if you had ‘gone it alone’ as opposed to taking up a franchise?

I would never have been anywhere near as successful going it alone. Particularly with no previous experience of selling holidays. Joining The Travel Franchise was invaluable. The training, the back-up, the wide choice of suppliers, being ABTA registered. It really is the best decision I could have made.

If you want to escape the corporate 9-5 just like Ian and Susan then you too could be starting your very own travel business with us. Visit our Discovery Site for more information!

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