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Mum who took out a loan to start her business in her spare time reaches £2 million in sales and becomes one of our top sellers of cruise

Not everyone has savings to invest in a franchise, but some people are so determined to switch careers that they take out a loan.

Just like Lynette, a mum of two who had never worked in travel, but took a leap of faith to test the waters with our most affordable Lite travel franchise, running it in her spare time alongside a full-time job.

Lynette had researched other travel franchises before joining Not Just Travel “but they were either too expensive or needed a full-time commitment.”

“The Lite package had a low start-up cost so I went to the bank and borrowed enough money to cover it (£2,995 + vat) and a year’s maintenance fees,” says Lynette.

The package essentially gave her a business in a box: agent training, booking systems, access to over 450 tour operators and support from a team of experienced travel staff at head office.

She didn’t have to wait long to see a return in her investment!

“In the first month I sold £30,000 in sales straight out of training,” she says, adding that she was only working in her spare time.

Lynette had worked for a bank in the city for 15 years and as her family relied on her salary, she was reluctant to give it up before her travel business grew.

She continued to work in the City four days a week, spending evenings, weekends and every Monday on her travel business until she knew it would bring in the equivalent of her London wage.

“My goal was to make this my career, my sole source of income because everyone wants to do a job they are passionate about,” says Lynette admitting she found banking repetitive and travel breathe of fresh air.

Even though Lynette launched her business in 2020 during Covid – and was homeschooling two children aged eight and five along with her husband – Lynette’s business skyrocketed from the very beginning.

Just two months after launch, Lynette went back to the bank for a top-up loan to upgrade from our Lite package to the £14,995 Elite package, which offers franchisees the opportunity to win back the cost of their investment if they reach certain sales milestones in a year.

“For me, I thought ‘I can do this – I have to go for it’,” said Lynette who admits her husband was a bit dubious about taking out another loan.

“I knew I was capable of achieving my goals,” says Lynette.

“It paid off because I hit that Money-Back Challenge target in just nine months!”

Lynette decided to take a break from her City job in December 2022 and sold more holidays in January 2023 working full time on her business than the previous four months put together.

“I sold 200k-worth of travel in January and I’m now on course to sell £1.2 million by the end of the year.”

“Some people take (a travel franchise) on as a sideline or a hobby, but my goal was to make this my career and now I am able to bring in a similar, if not better wage, but have that all important work life balance. I won’t be going back to work in the City! Swapping the rat race for a job in travel that I love means so much more than I ever imagined”

Lynette admits it’s hard work but says it’s worth it.

“If you have the time and the determination to build the business then you can absolutely achieve your dreams. I am so busy I am looking to hire someone as bookings continue to soar.”

Lynette says she has had a lot of help from her Business Development Manager, and says the Cruise Mastery Course has helped her broaden her knowledge of one of her biggest passions: cruise.

She’s now one of our top selling cruise agents with nearly 50 per cent of he business made up of cruise bookings, a travel product that offers lucrative commission and a high level of repeat clients.

She’s attended both our Seminar at Seas, week-long trips where we host consultants on a luxury cruise and offer training on selling the product, and also has the option to attend our next trip onboard one of the world’s newest cruise ships: MSC’s Euribia.

But Lynette already sells a huge amount of cruises from MSC, one of our key trade partners who works closely with us in terms of providing great deals and margins for agents.

As her clientele is mainly families, she says they simply love the “affordability and value” MSC offers.

Lynette clearly loves making her clients happy and always has them front of mind.

“I am not a call centre. I care about my customers and their holiday. I want them to have a good experience and I appreciate any business they give me.”

If you want to switch careers and begin by booking holidays in your spare time like Lynette, click here. Who knows… in a year it could be a full-time career

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