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Our Cruise Mastery Programme helped Vikki arrange and sell a Meat Loaf-inspired cruise to 1,600 people – and appear in the Express!

Over 50? Not computer savvy? Never booked a holiday in your life?

Don’t for one minute think you can’t become a travel consultant with our help and resources. 

Especially if you are determined and have a creative mind, like franchisee Vikki.

Vikki has had a colourful career working as a driving instructor and also managing petrol stations and pubs in some of the UK’s most crime-ridden areas.

But at 42, she decided to do something for herself, say goodbye to her grown-up children and begin working on cruise ships for Carnival, NCL and P&O.  

Vikki loved working in travel so much she decided to invest in a franchise with us last year. 

And her leap of faith has proved lucrative. 

Despite the fact she had never used a computer or ever made a cruise booking, she’s now sold a themed cruise to over 1,600 people – a cruise that she’s tailormade herself along with the support of our Cruise Division and key trade partner, MSC. She’s been so successful she’s even been featured in the Express!

So how did a mum become a cruise expert – and could you, too?

Vikki’s business idea began when she went to see a musical created by the esteemed musician, Steve Steinman.

Vikki was blown away by the performance – and the fact that the woman next to her had seen the show five times in two months! 

“I had a lightbulb moment where I thought ‘this would be amazing on a cruise’ as I knew the type of performances that go down really well with people on cruises.”

That night, Vikki messaged Steve Steinman via Facebook saying:

 “I’ve seen your show and thought it was fantastic – have you thought about putting it on a cruise?” 

Incredulously, Steve immediately texted back:

 “What have you got in mind?” 

Vikki was thrilled yet nervous – she’d never booked a cruise before, let alone helped put on a huge performance for thousands of people! Luckily, Vikki didn’t have to go it alone. 

Our cruise experts have years of experience and they’re always on hand to help travel consultants skyrocket sales, while our Cruise Division have cemented close relationships with 15 key trade cruise partners that give us exclusive deals and assist with strategic sales campaigns.

“The Not Just Travel team helped to get one of its Key Cruise Partners, MSC onboard, which has been the perfect fit. The team has been fantastic and have dealt with the negotiations and legal agreements. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.”

It wasn’t long before Not Just Travel team’s expertise, resources and relationships delivered the perfect package to sell: a short British Isles Cruise onboard MSC’s Virtuoso, departing Southampton September 24th 2024 and featuring Steve’s show, Anything for Love – the Meat Loaf Story and renowned vocalist Lorraine Crosby. 

With the package created, there was still work to be done: to sell the cruise (which starts from just £439pp) and take bookings! And Vikki admits using computers didn’t come naturally to her.

“I hadn’t used computers or email unless it was on my phone and so taking on the booking system Vision was an overwhelming task for me.”

Luckily for Vikki, we give every consultant a personal Business Development Manager (BDM) whom they can call if they need a helping hand. And our Cruise Mastery course, which helps agents become cruise experts, also gave her confidence.

“Once I had the first few bookings under my belt and on the computer system, I knew what I was doing and quickly became a personal expert.The Cruise Mastery Programme has been a game-changer. I’ve really enjoyed it and it gave me the confidence to go for this opportunity.”

Steve’s loyal following has meant that Vikki has booked hundreds of people onto the cruise without spending a single penny on marketing. After all, thanks to our negotiations, anyone who wants to see the show at sea HAS to book via Vikki.

“Steve is renowned in the business and his people go to every one of his shows multiple times. His shows sell out faster than Tom Jones’. One Facebook post results in dozens of inquiries – I’m working day and night, seven days a week to take bookings.”

And Vikki knows this isn’t a one-off.

“80% of my clients for this cruise have never been on a cruise before… I know that once these clients go on their first cruise, they will be back to book other ones with me. This is a long-term plan for me.” 

Neil Hussey (pictured below), Senior Business Development Manager at Not Just Travel says that Vikki’s story is just the beginning.

“The resources we now have in place means that we can support agents who want to tailor-make all kinds of cruises or indeed charter an entire ship! Our cruise division and the unique relationship we have with Key Trade Partners like MSC makes all this plain sailing. As a result, we’ve created millions of pounds worth of business together and our cruise sales are at a record high.”

MSC recently hosted over 150 Not Just Travel consultants and corporate team members on an International Mastery Retreat in October on its newest ship, MSC Euribia

MSC Euribia

Again, this has boosted sales with many agents keen to sell a product they experience and enjoy.

If you join The Travel Franchise you too could become an expert in cruise tailormake and plan your own cruise to sell – with our help – and make thousands of pounds in commission, like Vikki.

Do you want to be our next success story? You can find out more about our business model and cruise mastery programme if you watch our short pre-recorded Discovery video tour in your own time and then call if you have any questions.

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