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How Much Can You Earn If You Join The Travel Franchise

I am asked every day – “How much can you earn if I join The Travel Franchise?
It is impossible to answer as everyone is different but let me give you a real example of one of our franchisee’s:

A lady called Norma joined us last September who had never worked in travel in her life.

She loved the idea of being a home based travel agent, owning her own business andbeing in control of her financial
 – whilst at the same time partnering with a multi million pound major travel agency, benefiting from their success,
experience and support.

By her own admission, she had low expectations initially whilst she learned the ropes and was able to get the word out
and about that she was now a Travel Consultant.

The results that followed have been staggering:

  • She achieved the target for our Money Back Challenge in just 5 months – this means she was refunded her entire investment (minus the VAT)
  • She has consistently achieved a four figure monthly commission cheque
  • In month eleven her earnings were over £7500

When you consider that Norma has received her entire investment back, made tens of thousands of pounds and made
over £7500 in one month ALL before she has completed her first year with us then you realise the earning potential available with The Travel Franchise.

What is also important to note is that ALL of this business was generated via two sources:

  • Friends, family & social media
  • BNI (Morning networking club)

Her target this year is to maximise the potential of our Partners in Travel programme along with our Affinity Card programme.

This will give her infinitely more income opportunities as well as the chance to make “leveraged and residual” income.

This is just one persons example and doesn’t not mean everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Like everything you
will be rewarded based on your efforts, your skills and what you are able to create.

However I wanted to show you a real life example of someone who has never been in travel and hasn’t even completed their
first year in our business.

We believe we have the best opportunity in the industry! Who else will give you your entire investment back?

If you are serious about setting up your own business, taking control and putting some fun back in to your life – get in touch today!

Would you love your own travel business – that could be completely free? Watch our presentation to learn more.

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