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How much do you want to make?

Last month was a record month in terms of the commissions we paid out to our Travel Consultants. It was a record in terms of the amount of money paid and also in the amount of Travel Consultants being paid.
You will have no doubt seen some of our video testimonials with some of our leaders earning £10K plus a month. However, we also have people making between £1K and £3K a month on a part time basis.

I looked at some of the people in this category this month, and we have Travel Consultants making around £1500 and £2000 and they have done less than 6 bookings in the month.

With our business you truly can meet your financial goals and aspirations, however big or small.

If you are looking to join part time initially, and if making around £1K to £3k a month, p/t, is attractive as you get things started, then know that many of our existing Travel Consultants are achieving this – so why not you?


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