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How my favourite small booking turned into something much bigger

This week we caught up with Tony, a former British Airways employee at Gatwick who now runs his own Not Just Travel franchise.

Tony’s passion for travel is clear. And, after a house sale went through, he decided it was time to make that passion into his career. As he explains, travel is a very special industry to be in.

“There’s a buzz to it,” he says. “It’s just such a fun industry to be in. I’ve always wanted to work from home and for myself. I followed The Travel Franchise and Not Just Travel for about 12 months. Then, when my house sale went through, I just went for it.”

While having his own travel business is rewarding, it’s not just about money.

Tony enjoys helping people take holidays they might not have thought of by themselves.

“I like trying to find something different for people. Something that maybe they weren’t expecting, especially accommodation wise or resorts they probably wouldn’t have thought of.”

Tony, Personal Travel Consultant

A small booking that turned into much more

Tony’s favourite ever booking is one of his smallest.

You can hear Tony tell the story in the video below.

From coach trip to cruise ship

An introduction to a elderly lady, who wanted to take her first solo trip, ended up as a booking on a short coach tour to Bournemouth. Tony helped research the best routes and suppliers to make sure that she had a great – and easy – time. 

It all turned out for the best, as the customer not only had a great experience, but also met new friends along the way.

And what happened next just shows the power of good service.

Tony’s new customer then explained she’d like to book a cruise for her and her extended family.

Because Tony had recently taken part in our unique Cruise Mastery training program, including a voyage on the luxury NCL Prima, he could expertly guide them through the whole process.

Find out more about the Cruise Mastery training in this video.

Soon, Tony’s customers will be heading around the Mediterranean, at a budget of over £25k

While Tony was happy to do the small booking for the customer, it just goes to show how great service is the best way to build your new travel business.

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