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How NJT help you sell holidays.

See the text and graphic to see just one way we help you sell holidays…

This Bank Holiday weekend we are providing you with a luxury giveaway of ?2 FREE VIP LOUNGE PASSES ?for anyone who makes a last-minute booking with you by midnight on Monday!

This giveaway is the perfect way to drive sales and encourage new and existing enquiries to book with you this weekend.

The offer is only valid until Monday, so be sure to shout about it as much as you can!

There’s nothing that will make your clients feel more special than starting their holiday off in style, so let them know you thought of them when contacting clients about this offer directly.

We’ve sent all the details of this offer, along with the T&Cs, out in an email, so be sure to check your inbox!

Let’s smash those sales this weekend! ?

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