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How partnering with a football club brought in my biggest ever bookings

This week, franchisee Doug tells us how he leveraged the exclusive Partners In Travel program to bring in his biggest ever bookings.

Doug joined the business in 2019 and works part-time on his franchise.

Along with all the marketing, sales & admin support we provide, you also get access to our unique Partners In Travel program. It’s a way to work smarter, not harder.

That’s what Doug used when he approached a local football club.

By becoming a Partner, they receive a small share of any commission Doug generates from customers they introduce.

Now he’s a regular at their games, and everyone associated with the club knows he’s their go-to travel agent (and that they’re supporting the club’s fundraising efforts at the same time).

It’s also how he got his biggest ever bookings – one to Costa Rica and another from the chairman of the club to the US.

He explains more in the short video below.

Partners In Travel is unique to The The Travel Franchise

Very simply put, Partners In Travel is our exclusive referral programme.

It’s a fabulous way to get in front of hundreds if not thousands of new potential customers at once.

It enables others to make money simply by referring a traveller to you.

A Partner can be anyone who has a group of people or network they know that go away on holiday… which is pretty much everyone.

The idea is that, instead of you having to spend lots of time and effort finding customers 1:1, you can build the relationship with a few Partners, who introduce & market you to their whole network. 

Aside from Doug’s football club partner, one franchisee’s partners include a large hospice (with over 1,200 staff and volunteers), an ex-travel agent (who’s created over £20,000 in commissions alone) and a taxi driver who always has a stack of their business cards to hand.

The video below explains more about the programme and how it works.

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