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How Raine prepared for the most profitable time of the year.

“Peaks was fantastic and a real game changer”

January can be a tricky mistress – it’s dark, wet and it seems that spring is a real age away.  It’s little wonder that January is the time when everyone wants to book a holiday. In the travel industry, this is often referred to as ‘Peaks’.

For Travel Consultants, Peaks is not just the busiest time of the year, but it’s also the most profitable too. Many of our franchisees have made the most money in January with regards to sales.

We spoke to one of our franchisees to find out why Peaks is so beneficial to their business.

Raine’s story

Raine joined The Travel Franchise at the end of January 2018 and her first experience of Peaks was in January 2019. She has been in business for 11 months prior to her first experience of Peaks and ensured that she was prepared and ready to take advantage of this pivotal booking period. She explained:

“I spent a couple of months prior to the period getting in touch with past clients and just talking about the great offers to be had in January. Initially I was a bit gutted that I had missed January the year before, but Peaks seemed to run into February, so I was able to secure some great bookings in my first month of launching my business.”

In January 2019, Raine had her best month since joining and achieved half her annual income for 2018 during this one month alone. She recalled:

“It is long hours and hard work but if you focus, you get through it and have much to celebrate at the end!”

Raine didn’t know what to expect with Peaks but ensured that she was well-prepared. She revealed:

“I hadn’t really anticipated how many enquiries I would receive. I guess I was pretty prepared and just knew that if I worked hard through this time, I would benefit enormously and so I did.”

Raine Martin

“Peaks was fantastic and a real game changer in terms of my annual salary.”

She continued:

“I made some great bookings and actually became quite an expert in a particular area which meant that people were able to refer me easily.

It was a steep learning curve but if you are prepared and organise yourself well, anything can happen. With tenacity and a desire to be a great travel consultant you can be, the sky is the limit.”

Raine is unequivocal in why prospective franchisees should join The Travel Franchise and subsequently leverage the benefits of Peaks. She replied:

“I think that anyone wanting to work in travel would be foolish to join anyone else, The Travel Franchise are the real deal. You are supported 100% during your journey which is priceless – you just know there is always someone there to help and offer advice during your journey.”

She continued:

“For me, Peaks was fantastic and a real game changer in terms of my annual salary. Your friends, family and acquaintances will be booking holidays anyway, so why not get them to book through you. It’s a win-win situation, you get great commission and they get your superb personal service!”

It has been less than two years since Raine took the decision to start her own travel business and she has not looked back. Citing that doing this has ‘changed her life for the better’ and that she didn’t think it would be possible to do so after not working for a number of years.

She commented:

“Running my own business has totally changed my life for the better. Of course, there are days when I wonder what I have done as I am super busy and I have four young children to look after, but it has given me so much more confidence, purpose and reward.

Raine and her lovely family

It is a steep learning curve as I have mentioned but I am a very different person to who I was 21 months ago, I now believe I can achieve anything and with a superb support network behind me, I’m reaching for the stars. I’d been at home with my children for 11 years before joining NJT and did not think any of this could be possible, but I have proved many wrong!”

“I honestly cannot believe that there is another franchise out there that offers as much training and help as we get.”

Achieving a great work-life balance was a priority for Raine. One of the key benefits about being her own boss is the flexibility that this affords her. She said:

“I love the freedom that comes with running my own business, I am able to work hard when I can and look after my family when I need. It’s a complicated juggling act at times but we get through and it has also taught my kids how important it is to work hard and play hard.”

Whilst her family have supported her all the way, it is the support of her other family that has really helped propel her business. The Travel Franchise supports each and every single one of our franchisees and this hasn’t gone unnoticed by Raine.

She revealed:

“I have always felt fully supported by The Travel Franchise, I honestly cannot believe that there is another franchise out there that offers as much training and help as we get. I know it sounds cheesy, but we are really like one big happy family – I have made some great friends and I know that I could call pretty much anyone, and they would willingly help or offer advice.”

Nearly two years into running her very own business what would she say to someone who is considering taking on a travel franchise? Would she recommend it? She said:

“Without a shadow of a doubt! I have often asked myself why I didn’t do it earlier? Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and work hard, you are responsible for your success and with all the help and support on offer there is no reason why you can’t create a fabulous business.”

When asked if she felt she would have been as successful if she had ‘gone it alone’ as opposed to taking up a franchise? She is unequivocal in her response:

“There is not a chance in hell I would have had the confidence, knowledge or resources to go it alone – I knew I needed the support, training and help of someone. There is so much in the industry to keep up with and just having a team looking out for you and offering training and support makes all the difference. I know I made the best decision in joining The Travel Franchise from the minute I came across the website, I just knew!”

Do you want to be taking advantage of Peaks in January 2020 like Raine? There is still time to enjoy the financial advantages along with the first-class training that The Travel Franchise offers.

Do you want to join The Travel Franchise family?  Watch our introductory video to find out how to get started.

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