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How recommending holidays can earn you extra cash

Fed up of following the 40-40-40 plan where you work 40 hours a week, for a gruelling 40 years of your life, so you can then retire on about 40 per cent of your annual earnings and then discover it’s not enough?

Are you tired of working unpaid overtime, chasing a career that forces us to make sacrifices and miss moments in life that are really important?

While the idea that we have to sacrifice our time to earn money is logical, what if there was a better way – a solution that allowed you to work from home and have the flexibility to choose the hours you work?

Owning a franchise that utilises the power of relationship marketing can provide that solution, giving all the advantages of owning your business while mitigating risk.

Not only can you set it up quickly and make it your full-time career, but you could also leverage the power of your contacts to top up your income while you keep an existing job.

Many of us recommend brands and products every day, yet very few of us get paid for it. We post on social media about restaurants, fashion, food and organise holidays for our friends and family, never thinking that we could actually financially benefit from our recommendations.

With The Travel Franchise it’s different. You plan and recommend holidays to your network, we provide the booking system and product and you get paid a commission.

What are you waiting for?

You can start your own travel business from home in just one week. Click to learn more.

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