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How this police couple plan and book holidays around their full time jobs and still achieved our Money-Back Challenge in just 10 months!

Join as an Elite franchisee and you could enter our unique Money-Back Challenge where we refund your £14,995 franchise fee if you achieve a set amount of commission in your first year.

Police officers, Paul and Tracy, achieved the Money-Back Challenge with two months to spare even though they both work full time, have three children, two dogs and care for one of their parents at home.

Read the Q&A below to find out more and read their full story here.

Q. What was your reaction when you heard you’d won our Money-Back Challenge and that we’d refund your £14,995 Elite franchise fee?

We were absolutely made up. We always felt we could do it and now it’s such a relief that we’ve actually done it. Plus, it’s a huge weight off our shoulders. We’re delighted.

Q. So how long did it take you to achieve the Money-Back Challenge?

Ten months. Almost to the day actually. At Christmas it still felt that we had a long way to go. But ‘Peaks’ [the January-March season when travel agents traditionally book more holidays than any other time of the year], made a massive difference. Normally our work’s quite cyclical. We might have a couple of quiet weeks and then lots of enquiries for holidays will come in. But Peaks was more bang, bang, bang. Suddenly it was crazy busy and the target grew ever closer, which felt really good.

Q. What are you going to spend the money on?

Tracy: It depends who you ask. I’d like to put it back against the mortgage, Paul will probably spend it on a holiday. I’m sure we’ll meet somewhere in the middle. He’s spent it about five times over his head already.

Paul: We’ll be able to buy our eldest daughter a car and obviously there’ll be a holiday or two that’s going to be funded by it.

Q. Was the Money-Back Challenge the reason you chose to invest in a franchise with us?

We’ve got a friend, Ben, who’s already been in the business for several years. In fact, we used to book our holidays with him. So we knew how the MBC works and it’s definitely a carrot. We didn’t look around at other franchises because we’d seen how successful Ben had been and how positive he was about Not Just Travel.

Q. Did you feel under pressure to achieve the Challenge?

No. What I like about Not Just Travel is there’s no pressure – you can do as much or as little as you like. If you want to do well, they’ll put everything in place to help you. They want you to get your money back because if you win the Challenge it means you’re doing well for them too. So there’s no pressure to achieve it but all the support in the world to achieve it if you want to.

Q. So do you think our Challenge is hard or achievable?

Even though we’re doing this part time, we still felt that it was something we could aim towards and actually use it as a driving factor. Of course it’s a challenge, but as we’ve proved, it’s certainly achievable.

Q. And did you get help along the way?

The support we’ve had from everyone is incredible – from our business development manager through to the other travel consultants in our mentorship group. No one wishes you anything but good luck and there’s no jealousy. I often joke when I say that everyone who works in travel must be on some sort of drug because they’re always so happy!

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