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12 ways to grow your travel agency business

Ways to Grow Your Travel Agency Business

For those of you who are driven and inspired to run a successful travel agency business, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find 12 of the most valuable ways to grow your travel agency like a pro.

With industry-leading tips and tricks, you’ll soon discover some of the secrets behind how to grow your travel agency business. 

​1. Become recognised as an expert 

When it comes to booking holidays, many have to navigate their way through pages of travel-related information on the internet on destinations which they’ve never visited.

But you can position your travel agency business as an industry expert by actually exploring new destinations yourself that give you the edge over everyone else. Take video footage and pictures to attract potential customers on social media.

Examples of these include:

  • Cruises: Show you know the different brands and what they offer
  • Exotic destinations: Show footage that tempts travellers to book
  • Winter destinations: Clearly define what the weather is like during British wintertime
  • Resorts: Take videos of different room types and facilities

Among these options, cruises are a particularly great choice to pursue because they attract luxury travel clients that book high-value holidays and can bring you repeat business.

And if you’re ready to pursue this profitable opportunity, you’ll want to specialise and become a cruise travel agent.

By offering personalised travel packages that set you apart from the competition, you’re well on your way to success.

2. Reinforce the personal approach

In our age of hyper-personalisation, your travel agency business shouldn’t be left behind. 

Customers today expect a personal service and touch, whether it’s a quick reply to an inquiry or expert advice. The personal approach lets them know you’re there for them before, during and after their trip.

And when they feel they can count on you to help them with their needs and questions, you’ll soon start boosting your reputation as an industry-leading travel agency.

For this reason, you need to drop the generic text messages and emails and put your heart and soul into helping your customers book their best holiday yet. They’ll appreciate it and this will pay off in the long run.

3. Sell experiences – tell a story

Another great way to boost your travel agency business and differentiate yourself from the rest is to sell experiences.

These can range from zip lining in Costa Rica to skidoo safaris to see the Northern Lights in Lapland or a cookery class in Thailand. Many travellers are looking for excitement and an immersive cultural experience that can give them a much-needed adrenaline rush or a highly memorable experience that they’ll never forget.

This is where you come in with your unique experience packages, tailored exclusively to your customers’ needs as you add value to their trip. Promote these tailormade experiences as stories on social media.

4. Maintain your online presence

There’s no denying the power of having an online presence. But this goes beyond merely having a website.

As a trusted travel agency, there needs to be regularity, consistency and freshness across your entire online presence, including and especially social media. 

Whether you choose Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest as your social media channels, make sure to be consistent with your brand messaging.

Consistency across your online presence is the secret to ensuring you present a professional front that’s trusted by your customers.

Make sure that both your copy and your visuals align with your brand voice and create a harmonious offering that your customers won’t be able to resist.

5. Identify gaps in your performance

No matter how good a travel agent you are, there is always room for improvement. As they say, the sky’s the limit and you should always be striving to improve your performance.

To do this effectively, make sure you set out measurable key performance indicators for yourself that you measure your efforts against.

Then, set new and higher targets and standards for yourself by evaluating what you’ve done well and which areas of your offering could use improvement.

For example, expert travel business development managers at The Travel Franchise help consultants improve performance by setting different goals such as ensuring they have clients travelling throughout the year not just in summer or winter. If sales are low in spring they may need to promote more city breaks for example. 

6. Nurture customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a big deal these days. The last thing you want is for a loyal customer to head over to your competition because you missed out on retaining them.

This is where you need to step up your game and give it your all. Customer loyalty can be nurtured in many ways. 

You can encourage repeat business through a loyalty scheme where clients build points and get rewarded perhaps with access to airport lounges and also reward word-of-mouth referrals. And don’t forget the personal touch.

Sending personal messages on birthdays and holidays is a good way to keep your travel agency top of mind for your customers when they’re ready to book their next trip.

All this combined can improve your customer experience and loyalty, boost your positive online reviews and then drive more customers and bookings to your travel agency.

7. Showcase happy clients

There’s a lot to be said for glowing customer testimonials and reviews. They are the modern equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing.

The more positive reviews your customers leave for you, the higher your chances of attracting new ones.

However, this requires action on your part. One way to make the most of your happy clients is to showcase their testimonials on your social media channels and website.

The more visibility you gain, the higher the chances of being booked by new customers. Also ask them to leave reviews on TrustPilot.

8. Don’t stop growing your professional skills

The travel industry is constantly changing with new and improved travel itineraries, adventurous experiences and travel requirements.

That’s why you need to step up to the plate and continue growing your professional skills. If you belong to a travel franchise, you will be offered free online training with different operators.

Whether you want to improve your knowledge of all-inclusive resorts or packages for honeymooners, you’ve always got to stay one step ahead of the competition through continuous skills development.

9. Consider a collaboration with influencers

Working with influencers can have a major impact on your travel agency.

This is where you collaborate with people that have a strong reputation for offering honest reviews and recommendations.

While it requires a financial investment or offering freebies, their social following can be tapped into as they promote your travel packages to earn you more paying customers.

10. Foster relationships with existing clients

Existing clients are one of your biggest sources of continued success.

If you do a good job of organising an exceptional trip for them, they’re more likely to come back to you again and again. 

Consider selling new packages to them at discounted rates.

Alternatively, foster strong personal relationships so that they can become a good source of referrals for your travel agency.

11. Invest in travel agent software

There’s no denying that travel agent software is a must for a successful travel agency business. 

This is where you need to do your research into leading, yet wallet-friendly, software that does everything you need it to do.

Be sure to carefully compare packages and choose the one that meets your needs best.

Travel agent software is going to be like your trusted assistant that helps you speed up bookings and manage customer relationships. But it can be expensive so becoming part of a franchise where this is included in the price could be an option.

12. Become a part of a franchise chain

Sometimes, doing it all on your own can feel daunting. Without a helping hand by your side, you can easily feel lost, confused and overwhelmed.

But there is a solution to this dilemma and it all starts with becoming a part of a travel agency franchise.

Look at the top UK travel franchises and see what they include. Most should offer training and support, travel agency software, operational support and marketing to name just a few.

With uncapped earning potential, affordable commissions and an extensive support network, you are literally getting a business solution where you’ll be helped every step of the way.

How The Travel Franchise can help you grow your business

Looking for a travel agency franchise opportunity? The Travel Franchise is the highest ranked travel franchise in the UK according to Elite Franchise and Franchise Direct. The company can help people new to travel how to grow a travel agency from the ground up while experiencing massive levels of growth.

The company features numerous case studies about dozens of successful travel agency franchisees to prove this point, but why not try it for yourself? There’s a lot to be said for the great levels of support you’ll enjoy as The Travel Franchise franchisee. And with the brand’s Business Development Managers at your side, you’ll have a constant partner guiding you on the road to success.

Breaking into the travel agency business doesn’t have to feel daunting. Instead, you can enjoy the high levels of support that The Travel Franchise offers. What’s more, you neither need prior experience in the industry nor a high start-up investment with packages starting from just £2,995 + VAT.

Don’t let anything stand in the way of following your travel agency dreams. Get in touch with The Travel Franchise today and see your personal vision come to life!

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