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The traveller’s path: How to make money from travel and doing something you love

how to make money traveling

The irresistible feeling of your plane taking off to your destination. Being surrounded by different languages and interesting cultures. The amazing food and the beautiful scenery. Each of these factors and more capture the allure of travelling and working abroad.

If you’re an explorer at heart, you’ll recognise this to be true. But making money while travelling isn’t always as idyllic as it sounds.

That’s why this blog post gives you the pros and cons of working and travelling and how to adapt to your new lifestyle so that you can immerse yourself in an unforgettable travel experience. Ready to find out more? Let’s dive in!

Why travel and earn?

If you’ve always wondered about the people who travel and earn, they’re called digital nomads and they frequently travel to the world’s most beautiful locations while working at the same time. And there are many benefits of earning money while travelling. Here’s a sneak peek into some of them:

An incredible sense of freedom and independence

It is true: travelling and earning gives you an incredible sense of freedom and independence. You’re not tied down to a 9-to-5 job and you can enjoy much greater levels of flexibility. Your next destination is a mere thought away and with only your suitcase at your side, you are free to go where you want, when you want to.

Extended travel duration as you explore

Many of us have experienced holidays that always feel too short. But when you’re a digital nomad, the only restrictions you really face are those posed by your visa. If you have the right travel paperwork in your pocket, your dreams of travelling and exploring to your heart’s desire come true. No more limitations and limiting group arrangements. You call the shots and decide how long you’d like to stay for.

Lower cost of living

There are so many exotic destinations that you can explore without really breaking the bank. You can research affordable accommodation and food options and finally manage your expenses so that you can save more as you earn and travel.

Little attachment to a regular lifestyle 

As mentioned already, being a digital nomad means you leave the regular 9-to-5 job behind. Instead, your lifestyle will undergo a complete makeover as you aren’t tied down to car and mortgage payments that keep you in the rat race. You’re responsible for yourself only and this lack of attachment to a regular lifestyle means you make the decisions and you learn to manage yourself better.

An improved quality of life and personal development

Travel opens us up to new experiences and opportunities. You can temporarily live in a small but comfortable abode and use your time travelling to explore beautiful places, pursue your favourite hobbies and interests, and immerse yourself in new cultures. This is undeniably good for you and is just one of the reasons why so many people seek travel and work opportunities so that they can invest more time in their own personal development.

Work from any location

Whether you’d like to sit with your laptop at a cafe in Vienna or work from a caravan as you travel Europe, the digital nomad lifestyle makes this possible. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hammock or a couch, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can literally work from any location.

No office to go to or long commutes to endure

Being a digital nomad takes you out of your comfort zone. There’s no office space to go to every day and there are no long commutes in traffic to endure. Stepping outside this lifestyle means stepping into a brand new adventure where you can be guided as the journey unfolds.

Common challenges of making money while travelling

Although travelling and working abroad does sound like a lot of fun and an incredible experience, it doesn’t come without its challenges. Here are a few you should consider as you make the decision for yourself:

Managing finances and taxes 

Living and temporarily working abroad can result in numerous headaches when trying to navigate complex tax and finance rules. What’s more is that you need a constant cash flow to support your lifestyle and you need to ensure you’re always invoicing clients on time while collecting payments from any global location.

Balancing work and travel

Although many Instagram feeds are full of images of exotic beaches, being a digital nomad is not just about fun. There’s a heavy work element to it and you still need to buckle down and dedicate your time to meeting your clients’ needs. This can sometimes lead to a higher risk of burnout and stress as you juggle different clients and their respective needs, all from different time zones. This can affect your ability to maintain a solid work/life balance. And of course, with so much beauty around you, it’s possible for procrastination to creep in.

Limited access to adequate healthcare

We may get quite comfortable with the levels and standards of healthcare we receive in our home countries. But at the risk of sounding obvious, every country’s healthcare system is different. In the event that you need to consult a doctor, you’ll have to educate yourself about new health systems and payment plans and be ready to navigate these waters to ensure you remain in good health.

Technological obstacles

Of course, there are also the tech challenges that you’d have to navigate through. Will you have a stable internet connection during your video call with a client halfway around the world? Will you have a quiet space for meetings? Will your technology hold out and if it doesn’t, how and where do you get it fixed and at what cost? These challenges may sound small but once you’re staring at a blank screen unable to work due to a technical fault, this can be a real cause for concern. The Travel Franchise recently posted about one of their travel consultants who took a big holiday booking while on a flight to Jamaica, but equally other agents found that often the internet isn’t great on cruises. Do your research. 

Loneliness and social isolation may creep in

Even though you may not have the responsibility of a mortgage payment to hold you back, constantly being on the road can mean that loneliness and social isolation could creep in. Living far from loved ones is challenging, no doubt, and you can’t always count on superficial relationships established with other expats or locals who are only a temporary passer by in your life.

How to avoid common mistakes while working and travelling

Having taken a look at some of the most common pros and cons of being a digital nomad, you’ll be glad to hear that there are ways to balance these and figure out how to make money from travelling. Our list of suggestions before you embark on your next journey include:

  1. Plan your workload around your travel itinerary: Working and travelling can go hand-in-hand when you plan your workload around your travel itinerary. This means setting aside time for your flight, sourcing your accommodation and getting technology to work for you. Once you’ve made provisions for these necessities, it’s time to create a schedule. How much time can you realistically afford to travel and how much time do you need to spend working? 
  1. Find a working space: Many digital nomads paint the picture of working from a beach. But we all know that with the glare of the sun and the potential to get sand in your laptop, work can actually become challenging. You need a comfortable space that may include working from a couch, a table at a cafe, or even your temporary accommodation at your new home. Make sure that the space is quiet so that you can work more effectively and to ensure your meetings aren’t disrupted by outside noise.
  1. Make sure you always have access to the internet: Ensuring you have a stable internet connection is key. The last thing you want is for your call to get dropped while in a meeting with a client across the world. Take the time to look around for good deals and reliable service providers.
  1. Prepare your “office essentials”: You need to make sure that your laptop, mouse, noise cancelling headphones and any other piece of technology you need for your work to be effective are in excellent working order. These “office essentials” can make your work go smoothly or can be disruptive. It’s about ensuring that you have the basics in place for an effective work environment.
  1. Choose the destination wisely: As gorgeous as some destinations may look in glossy magazines or Instagram feeds, there’s also the practical aspect to consider. How productive can you really be laying on a hammock with your laptop? How much certainty will you have with a challenging healthcare system or difficult to understand financial transaction practices? And, of course, you’ve got to consider other practicalities such as the availability and stability of Wi-Fi and your physical space that ensures you can be productive.

So, can you earn money from travel? Absolutely!

The Travel Franchise offers you this exact opportunity to work from any location while earning. Wondering how? It’s about grabbing their work-from-home travel agent opportunity with both hands and never looking back. Like so many successful travel agents in this franchise, you too can tap into unparalleled levels of support and a world of travel.

And the best part? You don’t need any prior experience in the travel industry – The Travel Franchise will teach you all the ropes. Not only will you be booking holidays for your clients to dream destinations, you’ll be travelling to them yourself.

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Isn’t it time to embark on a new journey that beautifully blends your passion for travel while having the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere in the world?

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