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How we can help you become a cruise guru and why cruise a big earner for travel agents

In January our consultants saw cruise sales skyrocket by 25 per cent compared to last year with revenue increasing 64%!

With over 17 new ships launching this year, demand for cruise holidays is on the up and our Cruise Mastery Programme can help you become a cruise expert.

To find out more read our Q&A:

Why is selling cruise holidays lucrative?

Commissions tend to be far higher in cruising. While many tour operators offer 12-15 per cent commission on package holidays, cruising can be 15-18 per cent on average. 

Is it true cruise passengers often book several cruises?

Yes, cruise passengers often become frequent repeat clients. They have a propensity to book a cruise before they’ve finished a cruise as they often get special offers from the cruise line with which they are sailing. If this happens you can still get the commission. 

How do I become a cruise expert?

The answer lies in our incredible Cruise Mastery Programme where the expert cruise gurus in our Cruise Division (called Business Development Managers) teach you everything you need to know about cruise over a 12-month period. They are also on hand to help you with complex cruise bookings.

What other perks would I get?

As a member of our Cruise Mastery Programme you will get invites to cruise ship tours when they are in port and sometimes access to short subsidised UK sailings to sample a cruise in the UK. For example, Fred Olsen recently invited our consultants on a two-night UK sailing costing them just £10 per person per night!

Anything else?

You also get access to our incredible cruise website and online webinars and the ability to sign up to one of a Seminar at Sea, our company cruise where our experts will be onboard to teach you more about cruising and give you tours of the ship. 

Tell me more about your Seminar at Sea cruise trips in 2024

This year we have two company cruises planned with our key trade partners on Princess Cruises and Virgin Voyages. 

How much does the Cruise Mastery Course cost?

Last year the course cost £1,200 per year as it included a free cruise and CLIA membership. To enable more people to become cruise experts we now offer the course for just £300 (£400 after April 1st 2024) and give consultants the option of paying for the subsidised Seminar at Sea cruise and CLIA membership. To give you an idea of savings, CLIA membership normally costs around £160 but we offer it for just £70 plus vat. Our Seminar at Sea in May costs just £599 (solo) a saving of about £250 plus you get expert training.

OK, so what is CLIA and why is it good to be a member?

CLIA, aka Cruise Lines International Association, is the world’s largest cruise industry trade association. It offers a variety of training and other benefits for agents. For example, today, 11th March 2024, is the start of its three-day conference in Amsterdam. A total of eight river cruise operators will have ships moored in the city available for agents to visit across two days. Delegates will spend two nights onboard the ships, with hosted dinners and workshops.

It all sounds great, but can become a cruise expert having never worked in travel before? 

Yes. One of our consultants, Lynette, who is part of our Cruise Mastery Programme, said that one third of her bookings in January had been for cruise holidays. Meanwhile, another agent booked a cruise worth over £83,000. Neither had worked in travel before they joined us. Then there was the agent who sold hundreds of cabins on one cruise… Read her story here.

If you too want to join us on one of our upcoming company cruises, check out our training dates here.

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