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How you really *can* do something new in ‘22

Do you want to make 2022 the year you really do something new?

This time of year is typically associated with having a bit of relaxation and reflection. It’s also the time of year when you hear lots of talk about a “New Year, New Start”, as people make their resolutions.

So why do most of us rarely follow through?

It doesn’t matter which of the big resolutions we choose (diet, fitness, time off the booze or giving up cigarettes), recent studies have shown that 80% don’t make it past the first month… and worse, only 8% of people stick with them long-term.

And while that can make resolutions feel a bit pointless, the truth is they aren’t the best way to succeed. 

In fact, they almost set us up to fail.

Psychologists have long equated willpower to a muscle; something that, when pushed too far, will eventually and inevitably give-out. If you want to explore further, in his book “Willpower Doesn’t Work” organizational psychologist Benjamin Hardy explains that we can overcome the need for willpower.

There’s a very simple alternative to resolutions

Studies show that asking yourself specific questions around a fixed goal is a better way to succeed, than having resolutions alone.

“Recent research indicates that asking people a question about performing an intended (i.e. future) behavior positively influences the later performance of that behavior (Spangenberg et al., 2016). So, in terms of your resolutions, ask yourself why, ask yourself how, ask yourself when.”

Psychology Today

Resolutions aren’t the only big decisions people make this time of year

As well as making personal resolutions, this period of the year definitely brings out the entrepreneurial spirit in lots of people. December and January are also busy months for people deciding to start a new business, as they commit to REALLY make the following year the one when they’ll start something new.

This year, that seems to be more apparent than ever, with “The Great Resignation” & “The Great Enlightenment” becoming 2 of the major trends of 2021. 

A new report has shown almost 1-in-4 workers are planning to quit their jobs in the next year. 

While lots of those people will be moving to other types of paid work (instead of doing their own thing), it highlights just how many of us are no longer prepared to settle for the same old routine.

And according to global HR giant Randstad, more employees than ever are re-assessing what they want from their careers.

  • 49% say they are more stressed since the pandemic and will need to make changes to their work life.
  • 67% feel empowered by the pandemic to make changes to their work-life balance.
  • 72% have more clarity over professional goals since the pandemic.
  • 76% want more flexibility in their job and career as a result of the pandemic.

If you genuinely want to do something new in ‘22, we suggest you ask yourself a few specific questions:

  • Why do I want to open my own business?
  • What business can I make work for me and not the other way around?
  • How am I going to get it off the ground and make revenue fast?
  • Who can I get to help me?
  • When am I going to take the action I need to get started?

The ‘Why’ and the ‘When’ are up to you. But if you want to make the move to something new, exciting and – most importantly – yours, we can help with the rest.

After 20 years in this industry – and becoming the #1 company for taking people who’re new-to-travel and making them successful business owners, you’re in safe hands.

Everyone who joins us has their own ‘Why’

While everyone who joins us this time of year has their own ‘Why’, a common theme is the desire not to let another year get away from them. 

They know they can’t keep doing something they simply aren’t passionate about, or that doesn’t give them what they want out of life (not just money).

Again and again, we’re hearing that people want more flexibility, better work-life balance and a richer day-to-day experience.

Of course, the chance to do something that will benefit them directly (instead of making money for other people) doesn’t hurt.

Like Peter & Sinead, who’ve recently decided to open their own travel agency with us and will be training next January.

“We want a business that we can run as a couple. Something that we both have a passion for & where we can build something for the future of our family”

Sinead, new travel business owner

And David, who’s making the leap from the corporate world, to combine work with his passion for travel.

“My passion is foreign travel & I have a sparkle in my eye when I talk about the different places I have been. I’m a really good ‘people person’ & want to turn my passion into a successful business!

David, new travel business owner

It’s music to our ears – we believe completely in working hard at something you love, but on your own terms.

At Not Just Travel and The Travel Franchise, “New Year, New Start” isn’t just a nice phrase we use in December.

“New Year, New Start” can be really powerful when you commit to taking specific action.

Part of our business philosophy is constant improvement. After questioning why we’re taking action, we set ourselves specific goals about how and when we’re going to achieve them.

When you join us, it’s something you can tap into (if you want it), through our Partnership Managers, ongoing training and our unique mentorship programs. 

Induction training is all about getting started fast

You need to know how things work – and then get making actual bookings. There’s no point spending weeks or months tinkering with the basics when you’ll learn far more on-the-job.

There’s daily support and business help

We’re the largest member in our buying group for travel sales (which brings lots of benefits). But the real strength comes from being able to share the experience with our big community of travel consultants. 

After your induction week, you’ll be able to join in with our regular online training events or live meet-ups; for example recently our Partnership Managers and co-founder Steve have been hosting franchisee coffee mornings all over the UK.

Training & mentorship is available both short-and-long-term

You can’t be expected to become a great travel agency owner overnight. That’s why your Partnership Manager will be by your side from Day 1; they’re there to answer any and all of your questions as you start to build your business.

Come and learn how it all works

We’re also running a dynamic “New Year, New Start” event on January 9th for our existing franchise owners.

Along with lots of mentorship & training, our co-founders Steve and Paul will be setting out a new vision for the future. They’ll be showing how, why and when our £1M investment in new personnel will help our franchisees achieve even greater things in their businesses.

You can join us on the day

While the event is running we’re going to have a small, intimate break-out area set-up; it’s just for people who’d like to know more about starting their own Not Just Travel franchise.

  • Meet co-founders Paul & Steve
  • Get introduced to existing franchisees
  • See and hear from our travel supplier partners
  • Feel what it’s like to be part of Not Just Travel

Click here if you want to attend this limited-ticket event.

Want to know more? Watch our online presentation first, then find out more about opening your own travel business when you meet us next January 9th.

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