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I gave up my high-powered job after 10 years to do something I love with flexible hours

Some people invest in The Travel Franchise for the money. Others, like Jacki, switch careers for the work/life balance – and their passion for travel.

Jacki gave up a high-powered job after 10 very happy years to do something she loves with flexible hours.

Previously an operations director in charge of a multi-million pound budget, she knows a few things about luxury holidays and used to spend over £20k on trips abroad every year.

“I’m poorer and I don’t have a high salary anymore. I can’t spend as much on holidays but I’m much happier. I love what I do and there’s no stress which is important for my health.”

For Jacki, flexible hours and being her own boss were vital.

“I have a health condition which impacts on my mobility and my ability to work 8 to 10 hours straight and, if I’m having a bad day and am too tired or weary, I can take a rest when I need to. It’s a flexible job that fits in with a semi-retired life.”

Jacki joined in February 2022 and sold around £250k-worth of holidays in 12 months working the hours that suited her. This year she’s on course to sell £400k and couldn’t be happier.

“I’m really pleased with the way business is going. Local business is picking up nicely. You just have to be patient. Everything doesn’t happen at once but you will start growing if you do your job well and you’ll start to get repeat business.”

Jacki has found customers through Facebook, her local hair salon where she is based on Fridays and old work acquaintances.

A CEO of one company recently asked her to arrange the holidays that its company gives away as an incentive and reward scheme to employees.

“The reward scheme consists of 40 UK breaks a year and four two-week holidays abroad. Employees can also add their own money to the cost of the break if for example they want to extend it. It’s a great opportunity to grow my business and find new customers.”

Jacki is currently training to become one of our Cruise Masters, attending webinars and enjoying access to our expert cruise business development managers (BDMs) Gemma, Holly and Duncan who head our cruise division launched in September 2022.

“They are absolutely brilliant. They are so enthusiastic and full of useful tips and advice.”

She’s already sold around nine cruises, one worth over £11k and is herself booked to cruise the Nile later this year.

And while Jacki may not be spending as much money as she used to on her holidays, as an agent she can take advantage of fam trips and agent discounts.

She can also join our company trips and is booked to come on our mentorship retreat in Cyprus in November.

It’s a chance for our agents to network and be taught entrepreneurial skills by travel experts and co-founders Paul Witt and Steve Harrison. And many agents say it’s given their business a huge boost.
Will it have that effect for Jacki? Watch this space…

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