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I skipped uni and started my own agency at 18

Our youngest consultant, Joe Boot, joined at 18 and recently celebrated selling £2 million in holidays, despite no former experience in travel.

Joe came across The Travel Franchise, joined within a couple of weeks and, after five days of training, began selling holidays part-time while working at a restaurant.

“When I left sixth form I wasn’t 100 per cent set on what I wanted to do. University was an option but I knew I wanted to work for myself and started looking at options.”

After 12-14 months he decided to go full-time to grow his homeworking travel agency. Joe, who has taken some big bookings recently including a £32k holiday to the Maldives, says this is when the business really took off. 

Joe particularly enjoys the travel perks and has enjoyed several free and subsidised trips to the Caribbean, as well as Mexico and Florida, and is currently planning a holiday to Las Vegas.

“I love travelling and the freedom the job allows. I work a lot but there’s no limit on my annual leave and I have the freedom to work from anywhere.”

That includes making the odd booking while on holiday.

“I’ve even sat by a pool abroad taking bookings on my laptop and generally find that the more I’m away, the more enquiries I get due to the traction of inspirational posts on social media.”

So is this a job for life?

“I can’t see myself doing anything else. I honestly don’t feel like I’ve worked since I left my other job because I enjoy it so much. I don’t ever have that Sunday feeling anymore!”

Joe had never had any travel experience but found the initial training taught him how to kickstart the business. 

“In a week, the training gives you everything you need to hit the ground running.”

Joe later attended Not Just Travel’s overseas Millionaire’s Retreat and says this really gave him the tools to take his business to the next level.

“My Millionaire’s Retreat took place in Marbella which is a great destination to explore but what the trip really did was to open my eyes to the potential of the business and what I could achieve.”

Every retreat includes workshops and mentoring by at least one of our co-founders who give tips on how to become a successful entrepreneur.

“On the retreat, I learned what other consultants have done, what really works and how to achieve that myself.”

Despite his success, Joe, like many other consultants, is keen to continue training and signed up to the 12-month Cruise Mastery programme and attended the Seminar at Sea on Norwegian Cruise Line’s (NCL) new cruise ship Norwegian Prima in autumn 2022.

“It was really good getting to know the NCL brand, how cruising works and how to get the best for customers. Since my return, I’ve had a few enquiries and bookings for both NCL and other brands. I understand cruising more and advertise it more now”.

Joe also finds the weekly webinars from key trade partners, such as Jet 2, really useful, and is looking forward to new initiatives being launched by NJT.

“I’m really looking forward to the App and bookable website because I get a lot of business through Facebook.”

So what advice does Joe have for people who are thinking of joining and starting a homeworking travel agency?

He advises following the proven franchise model, listening to our Business Development Managers and the operations team who are there to advise and support every franchisee from the moment they start. And making the most of the travel perks!

To find out more about what we offer, watch the Discovery videos on our website and then feel free to book a call to discover which of our packages fits around your current job and lifestyle.

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