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In Week 7 of 2021, David Reaches £650k In Holiday Sales

That’s right, £650,000 in 7 weeks. That’s nearly £10,000 a week in commission earned. With customers booking dates in the future as confidence continues to grow, personal travel consultants are everyone’s best friends today.

David Walker

How is this even possible? Especially when the news says…

  • The public are too scared to book anything (wrong)
  • People are waiting for the vaccines to be fully rolled out first (wrong)
  • It’s not a normal year, no one is booking holidays (wrong)

Following the first lockdown and the restrictions placed on travel globally, this brought obvious challenges to David’s travel business. But, customers continue to book their highly anticipated holidays for later this year and into 2022 now, rather than wait.

David focused on providing outstanding customer service, which continues to be the bedrock of his success. He continues to show what’s possible with hard work, a positive mindset, and exceptional customer care.

I was pleasantly surprised with January and February sales…

I have a very long list of people ready to travel, when they can and when we know where… I know that is almost instant money.

David Walker, Travel Snob. Source: Travel Weekly

David has built his business up since 2014. Following a successful career as a Global HR Director, he now has a thriving database of customers who love his service as a travel consultant.

In fact, David was the first person to join The Travel Franchise with our Elite package.

After winning the Money Back Challenge and asked in an interview about choosing the Elite franchise package David responded:

“I thought if I’m going to do this I may as well do it properly – no half measures.”

David Walker

Watch David’s Five Favourite Holiday Bookings Ever all below…

Learn more about how you can start your own travel business in our easy-to-watch video tour.

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