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Introducing a brand new franchise package: Travel Entrepreneur

It’s an exciting day for travel, as more people finally start to get away on holidays they’ve been craving for over a year. And it’s an even more exciting day here at The Travel Franchise.

Introducing a brand new franchise package: Travel Entrepreneur 

This new package will help you start & scale a serious travel business faster than ever before.
You’ll have enhanced training programs, even more support and the ability to leverage a team of travel agents that work directly for you, all while minimising your risk.

There’s lots more on what’s included below. But first, here’s why it’s been created.

In the last few years, we’ve seen amazing success stories from our franchisees, such as:

Some of our franchisees have used our award-winning infrastructure to build their own teams and create multi-million pound, independent travel agencies.
This growth has taken time… but it proves there is a repeatable formula for success at scale.
Now, you can achieve the same success, but in a massively accelerated time frame.

This is the time to get the fastest & highest return on your investment in a travel business.

We started our customer facing brand Not Just Travel the day after 9/11. 
Back then, no-one wanted to fly. Looking back, it should have been the worst time to start a travel business. But, thanks to our model of personal service and proven customer acquisition methods, our success showed the way forward for independent travel agencies as travel returned to normal.

It’s going to be a different travel rebound this time.

After what’s been the worst year ever for travel, industry insiders believe we’re about to see a massive rebound. People are desperate to put the last year behind them and get away on their holidays.

This isn’t just opinion either; our travel sales for the end of 2021 – through to 2023(!) – are through the roof right now. That means our franchisees have been making large commissions now, ready to earn over time when people travel.

Of course, while the trend looks like September will be the real ‘start of the rebound’, there are still lots of short-term holidays being booked to Green List destinations as they open up. Portugal + UK staycations were major sellers over the last couple of weeks.

Meet some of our successful franchisees:

It’s the timing that’s crucial to all this…

  • Travel companies are running amazing offers in order to get customers booking their holidays right now. 
  • There are low deposits and spread-the-cost direct debits available.
  • So customers are spending their holiday budgets for the next couple of years *now* instead of waiting. 
  • And these deals won’t be around forever – holiday prices will inevitably go up.

A few of the offers you would be able to promote as a Not Just Travel travel agent:

Crucially, people want to know there’ll be someone to look after them so they can relax and look forward to some much needed breaks.

That means this is a once-in-a-lifetime hot market to take advantage of, with a business as a trusted travel agency.

The goal should be to get – and look after – as many customers as possible, as fast as you can, and to do it right now.
Because once you’ve got those happy customers, we’ll show you how to make sure they become customers for life.
But… the window of opportunity to get lots of lifelong customers fast won’t be open forever.

So, here’s how you could take maximum advantage of the coming travel gold rush

We’re looking for a very small number of business partners for our **brand new** Travel Entrepreneur package. 
It’s highly limited and only for seriously ambitious people.

You can follow the proven path to travel agency success, faster than ever

Being an entrepreneur normally means starting a new business where you bear most of the risk, in order to benefit from most of the reward.
This new package reduces that risk by using an established franchise model & rapid growth plan, while still ensuring you retain the rewards.
When you become a Travel Entrepreneur with us, you’ll automatically become part of our Agency Accelerator Program, which eliminates the need for trial & error and speeds up your growth.

It includes:

  • A team of fully trained travel agents working directly for you 
  • Enhanced training and mentorship programs for you and your agents
  • Fast start marketing budgets and done-for-you advertising campaigns
  • Exclusive business development retreats and events

When you invest, we’ll also:

  • Help recruit the experienced travel agents for your team
  • Provide all the contracts & paperwork required
  • Give you all the technology & systems you need to operate immediately at scale

And you can do it all with huge efficiency

  • No need for back-office teams; we do the admin
  • Continuous investment in product taken care of
  • Constant market knowledge and upskilling for you & your team included
  • And you don’t need any offices or retail premises to get moving right away.

Remember, we only succeed when you succeed. 

We re-invest franchise fees into continually improving our products, so that you can sell more holidays.
When you sell a holiday, it creates a commission from the travel supplier. We split that commission (with the vast majority in your favour), which is how we actually make money long-term.
So the more holidays we help you sell, the more we benefit.

The Travel Entrepreneur package is all about helping you get the most customers possible, in the shortest amount of time.

The package starts at £29,995 and contains absolutely everything you need to be successful faster than ever before.
It’s the best win/win opportunity we’ve ever created.

To learn more, book a call with our co-founder Paul Harrison now.

On the call, Paul can explain everything about how this exciting new opportunity works in more detail.
Just fill out the form and we’ll be right back in touch to set up your call.

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