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Is it part-time or full-time?

It’s completely up to you! Some franchisees choose to run their travel business full-time and others do it on a part-time basis. In some cases, franchisees run their travel business alongside another job, doing it in the evenings or weekends as a side-hustle.

How many hours you decide to put in each week is completely up to you. You’re the boss after all. The Lite package is a good choice for self-starters, otherwise known as Pay-As-You-Grow.

If you’re concerned about having a reliable income you could consider phasing out your main job overtime OR simply keep it alongside until you are comfortable with your monthly income from your travel business, just like the franchisees below did…

‘I would boost Facebook posts over the weekend, as I work in the bank during the week. It’s key to be really quick to respond to any enquiries, so the weekend is my only window to do this.’

‘Before joining I was the Marketing Manager for McCarthy and Stone, managing four teams across the country, I was always on the road. It was a very demanding role. I was planning to grow my travel business slowly over time. But it was such a hit within three months of joining the franchise I handed in my notice’

‘From the outset, before my training even started, anyone I knew, whether family or friends I’d talk about my new venture. Including what it would mean for them, why it was a good thing and I started to build excitement around it’

‘I owned a number of restaurants. We still have one restaurant. I had never worked in the travel industry before joining. This goes to show that with the right support, training, the company behind you, and of course the right attitude, you can make anything happen’

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