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Is Now A Good Time To Start A Business? 5 Reasons To Join In August

For aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs, the thought of launching a travel business from home, in the current climate, may seem daunting.

But you don’t have to put your dreams and a chance for a better quality of life on hold.

Summertime could be perceived as the time to slow down, relax, and push back starting a business to a little later in the year, and for some out there that might be the right thing to do.

If you’re seriously considering your next steps, but are waiting for that sign…

Here it is. 5 reasons why August is your month to take action, to take a leap of faith, to pursue your dream.

1- Registration to the 15k challenge, a chance to get your Travel Franchise for FREE, ends this week

If you want to make a fast start in running a travel business from home, this is designed for you. We are giving a select few who agree to join in August a fifteen grand challenge, on top of everything else you’ll earn selling holidays.

How does it work?

  • We’ll set you some (achievable) targets to reach in terms of sales
  • If you reach those targets, you’ll qualify for the £15k payment
  • Registration to apply for this challenge ends this week
  • You won’t have to start training right away
  • You don’t have to pay 100% of the fee now, just a deposit

The chance to take advantage of this ends this week, in the month of August, you can register your interest here.

2- Personal Travel Consultants, everyone is talking about them

This is just one of the hundreds of reviews on Not Just Travel Trustpilot. People are sharing their positive experiences with others, showcasing the value our Personal Travel Consultants are adding.

Why not take a look at the 12 reasons why people are choosing to book with Personal Travel Consultants?

You can also see some of the biggest holiday summer bookings our franchisees have made and how they saved this summer for customers.

3- They all did it why can’t you?

It’s normal to have your doubts, to worry that you’ll join and not get a single booking. Especially post-COVID, and if you listen to the news.

Why did they choose to join us this Summer?

4- Training dates are going FAST for 2020

Even though our world-class online training (where you become a certified travel consultant) is completely sold out until Autumn, you can still put a deposit down in August to ensure you get a place in our 2020 training, but only if you’re quick 😉

You can see our training calendar here.

5- Get ahead now, so you’re ready in time for the ‘peaks’ in travel

January is a peak month for the travel industry, with as many as 5.2 million Britons expected to book a holiday at this time (2019 stats). Everyone in travel knows that once Christmas is over, people don’t think they have anything to look forward to, so they all start planning holidays.

Getting trained before the end of 2020 gives you the time to learn the systems, build your confidence, get a few quotes and bookings under your belt, the chance to bond with your Personal Travel Coach, and get the word out across to your friends and family before January comes around.

By joining in August, even if you decide to do your online training in October or November, you won’t be just starting out. You will have had the time to build up. When ‘peaks’ hit you’re going to be ready for it. Waiting to join in 2021 will be a missed opportunity to make the most of the next peak.

Ben explains in this short video how he took his time to learn the systems and get comfortable with a few enquiries, and how he made sure he hit the ground running, even before training started.

Ready to make your dream come true? Take the next step today. Or reach out to our friendly team on live chat.

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